How This Super-Simple Finance App Secured $2.5 million Funding Within 1 Year?

What is Albert Finance App All About?

Albert is the most useful finance application, giving simple financial advice and allowing users to take instant action directly from the app. The personalized recommendations of this application are mainly aimed at increasing your overall financial standing.

The application connects with all your accounts and delivers real life recommendations such as repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan, setting up the right retirement plan or getting life insurance with numerous benefits.


To allow users to act directly from the app, the company has partnered with the biggest financial institutions like lenders, banks, insurers and investment firms into a single platform. Albert has researched in depth, developed relationships and integrated the modern technology to generate the process as seamless as possible.

Albert Finance App Secures $2.5 million in Seed Funding

Recently, the company has closed on $2.5 million in seed funding and it comes from Bessemer Ventures Partners, CFSI (Center for Financial Services Innovation), 500 Fintech, 500 Startups and others. After the app’s launch, it arrived quickly prior this summer.

Co-founded by former college roommates Yinon Ravid and Andrzej Baraniak as both have spent over a decade in the financial services, the company has a team of talented engineers and designers, who have in-depth experience with the financial consumers.

With the mission to rethink the way people are making financial decisions, the company largely aimed at younger mobile users.

It is not a mobile banking app, but it works like Mint as it collects your financial data at one single platform, comprising credit cards, bank accounts, property, loans, and investments. Moreover, it mainly focuses on serving financial advice and inspires you to make changes. It also helps you to track your daily spending and budget. While offering tips, it pushes you to put them into action.

The co-founder of the company Ravid explains, “The vast majority of people between the ages of 20 and 40 don’t actually save money – they actually spend more than they’ve earned in the last three months.” He also added, “So one of the first pieces of advice we give is to save a few dollars to grow your emergency fund.”

When it comes to talking about the idea of automating your finances, it is something that various other mobile applications in the fintech space have also applied like saving apps – Digit and investing applications like Acorns. To give a complete and in-detail information about your finances, this app is up against some apps like Prosper Daily and Level Money.

How Does Albert App Works?

To use this application, you need to follow three simple steps that are as follow:

  • Connect Your Accounts: Albert will look at your all finances to give recommendations. The app uses bank-level security and it doesn’t store any banking credential.
  • Get Real-life Recommendations: The application advice some of the actionable recommendations to improve like repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan, lowering credit card fees, setting up the right retirement plan, etc. Albert will keep droning in the background and ensure that you are making the right financial decisions.
  • Make it Happen: Directly from the application, you can act on the recommendations. As it has relationships with world’s leading financial institutions, so you can act easily. Moreover, you can also get a loan with some clicks, get insurance with just a thumb print and more. All these things are easily possible on your phone.

So, what is your take-off? Do you also have such creative mobile app idea in your mind that you wanted to discuss with any mobile app development company? What are you waiting for? Share it with us and our team of mobile app developers will help you to make your idea into reality.

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Features of Mechanical Keyboard App that Helps in Making Real Money

Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard App

Introducing for the first time, Mechanical Keyboard for Android. Writer Keyboard allows you to have an experience like PC keyboard on your small device screen.


Unique features it came up with:

  • LED indicators for CAPS, NUM, POWER.
  • RGB Backlit Effect.
  • Simple Customisation
  • Modifier Keys: Shift, Num for Symbols instantly accessible.
  • Click-Clack Sound Effect just like Real Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Looks and Theme of a Traditional Old Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Extra Large Keyboard in Landscape Mode and Tablets
  • Swiftkey Typing Response.
  • Traditional Keyboard Layout slightly modified for Mobile use
  • Perfect for Writers, Coders, Programmers of COBOL, PERL, Haskell, Assembly, Reviewers, Journalists, Literature, Analysts that want pure writing experience.
  • One-Click Switch from Google Keyboard to and From, when you want that emoji.
  • The Keyboard of the 70s, 80s, 60s. The old days are back.

An app lets you feel like using Mechanical keyboards and aims to bring back an experience of old days. It is a sort of Mechanical Keyboard Simulator.

Recall those good old days of simple typing where the sound of the key press was replaced by the Membrane silent keypads. Same old days are back with the launching of Mechanical keyboard Android app. Writers, now your wait is over!

Benefits of Mechanical Keyboard Android App

A simple idea changes into an app that adds a lot of benefits to app user. The major advantage is faster speed and felt blissful to type on the keyboard. Such app can be considered as writers app. Other great advantages are:

  • These keyboards are really sensitive and soft touch to work on.
  • Better typing speed compared to normal keyboards.
  • Great benefits to Writers, Coders, Programmers of COBOL, PERL, Haskell, Literature, Journalists, Reviewers, Analysts that want pure writing experience.
  • Due to its LED feature, it helps you to work even in dark room.

How to Grab Money Making Idea?

The app is being inspired from modern IBM Model M and DAS Keyboard. The company simply converted physical Mechanical keyboards into an app. This idea became truly a game changer for market.

This writer’s’ app is the best example of how you can be with current trends and make money from apps. You just need to observe your surroundings to grab an idea and that idea can be converted into an app. This adds an innovative feature to make your app outstanding among the other apps.

What Stops You from Converting Your App Idea into a Reality?

To convert your app idea into reality, you require support from professional mobile app development company. The things that stops you from converting an app idea into reality can be:

  • How to execute your idea?
  • Confuse to choose right development company?
  • What will be total cost for development?
  • Will your budget meet the require?
  • Will your app idea will return in business success

There are many such questions that stops you to modify your app idea into reality. Contact us, we can help you to provide complete solution to switch your app idea into reality. As Space-O is one of the leading Android App Development Company and has successfully delivered 1500+ mobile apps, holding 6+ years of experience and can craft your idea beyond your thoughts.

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Why Micro Apps Are the Future of Mobile App Development?

The term ‘micro’ means small in size. Here, we are using the term ‘micro’ for the small size of software – micro applications, micro services, and even micro-virtualization.

Do you know what micro app means? Although you will think you don’t know, you know. Micro apps are small system admin utilities in the desktop realm. For example- App that reports the memory of your hard drive.    

Talking about mobile world, a microapp is a consumer-oriented application that delivers highly targeted functionality. for example – a weather forecast app. Here, the common factor is micro apps deliver highly focused task-based functionality that allows a user to interact with use to improve efficiency.

Micro applications play an important role in enterprise mobility strategies. IT organizations that deliver enterprise apps to the mobile users are challenged by two factors, i.e. (1) delivering mobile app functionality, which is fast enough with limited development resources and (2) delivering the application with high-quality UX that needed to spark adoption.

App development has long been troubled with risk: Projects become full, costlier and never delivered on time. Implementing technologies have a tendency to match the bloated that ranges from Service Oriented Architecture to Business Process Management.

Recently, Redpoint’s Tomasz Tunguz pointed out that growth in Software-as-a-Service is reducing and next-generation apps will come with new workflows across existing apps in innovative ways.

“Micro wave” – The Combination of Apps, Services, and Flows

Micro Flow

The “micro” trend in application development is concentrating on delivering simple to complex micro app development solution. Microservices can easily incorporate into multiple systems, whereas micro applications can represent them as easy-to-consume UI. Through simple micro-flow, users can easily complete their tasks across systems.

“Micro wave” – the combination of apps, services and flows deliver a new way to weave existing systems in the most innovative and organic ways to deliver quick solutions.

Image of Micro services

Micro service

The holy grail of application development is the Interoperability between apps. Top-down architectures such as CORBA/IIOP developed into SOA in the 2000s. While implementing an SOA, enterprise-wide mandates and coordination are needed. Payload standards like SOAP are heavy in weight and troubled with incompatibilities.

There are some companies like GE have had the discipline to implement an SOA, however, SOA projects have failed to gain widespread adoption for most enterprises. Even after success, the constant divestitures and achievements of the corporate world keep SOAs a moving target.

Micro services have become a trend over the past few years. Microservices are atomic, self-contained service, performing a single operation on a back-end system like as a retrieving a customer record.

The commonest interface to a micro service is the popular and straightforward JSON/REST/HTTPS paradigm. Its authentication is also straightforward and typically easy-to-use API keys. The best thing micro service is they are incredibly easy to create, deploy and share. Latest and existing apps can easily call various external and internal micro services.  

How Micro Apps Work?

Micro App

Mobile apps have taken over as many consumers’ primary interface to computing since the introduction of iOS and Android app stores in 2008. As the collection of mobile apps available, it’s a bit difficult to install an app on their devices and keep using it.

Therefore, it’s very common for vendors to add a bunch of features into their applications, so they can retain existing users with the latest functionality, and attract more users. Thus, native apps become bloated and difficult to access.

A new wave of “micro apps” is developing intelligently and context-aware. There are various mobile platforms supporting micro apps from 

Facebook Messenger also has micro apps, which are composed of rich bubbles and menus. Micro apps are based on HTML and load vigorously, typically bypassing app stores and loading directly into current communication tools such as Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Platforms supporting micro apps range from interactive Slack and Facebook Messenger bots to Google’s interactive answer boxes, such as weather and flights. These micro-apps are typically single purpose and use a combination of straightforward user interfaces and context.

Facebook Messenger also has micro apps, which are composed of rich bubbles and menus. Micro apps are based on HTML and load vigorously, typically bypassing app stores and loading directly into current communication tools such as Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Micro apps of Facebook messenger have many latest features like dynamic menus and interactive units that can do everything, from purchasing a product to ordering product.

The combination of micro services, micro flows and micro apps create an excellent paradigm for delivering the next generation of apps. If you want to create your own app using this combination, you can hire app developer from reliable mobile app development company.

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How to 2X Your Team’s Productivity with HotSchedules?

Are you facing any problem with your employee scheduling process? No matter, what type of your business is, it’s always difficult to run a business smoothly.

HotSchedules provides you a solution for talent sourcing, employee scheduling software, back office, eLearning, shift and task management and platform as a service.

Founded by Ray Pawlikowski and David Cantu in the late 90’s, HotSchedules was born with a vision to help restaurants work smarter through the use of technology. Both guys have decided to solve one problem in particular – old school scheduling practices.

When one of them was asked to create a website for a college project, he saw an opportunity to put an end to the persistent paper-schedules and back-and-forth phone calls. He developed a website that enables employees log-on and checks out their schedule from their computers.  It became a huge hit and thus, HotSchedules was born.

How HotSchedules Provides Service to its Users?

HotSchedules offers employee scheduling and labor management solution in the in the restaurant industry. HotSchedules has more than 1.2 million managers, owners, operators, servers, line cooks, bussers and bartenders to serve restaurant industry.

Hotschedules online employee scheduling software is used by companies of all sizes, from enterprises to startups. Hotschedules offers an unparalleled customer experience that empowers their team and drives to create something innovative for their users.

Hot Schedules has two game-changing products, i.e. HotSchedules Recruit and the HotSchedules IoT Platform. HotSchedules Recruit is a referral-based recruiting tool in the restaurant industry while HotSchedules IoT Platform integrates all the data source to enhance business.   

HotSchedules service is also available through Android and iOS apps. Hotschedules apps are powerful enough to provide users ability to manage work schedules right from their smartphone or tablet. HotSchedules application needs a valid HotSchedules user account to enjoy features like:

  • Message employees by job code/role to fill shifts fast
  • View sales and labor snapshots, compare actual to scheduled labor and the variance
  • Set up specific notifications
  • Messaging employees about their shift via text, email or the HotSchedules platform
  • View current or future posted schedules
  • Update, approve or deny shift swap, pick-up or release requests
  • Manage time-off requests and view blocked dates
  • View the roster and employee contact information and contact employees with one click

Recently, HotSchedules and Kitchen Brains Put IoT on The Menu

One of the leading providers of software in the kitchen, Kitchen Brains, has partnered with HotSchedules to eliminate the difficulties of technology in the kitchen, while also offering fresh and hot food available soon. HotSchedules offers the IoT platform and Kitchen Brains a Quality Production Manager (QPM).

The firm said, “The integration plans, directs, and reports cooking instructions to ensure that food is always hot, fresh and available for guests. The IoT Platform will eliminate the complexity and costs of connecting QPM to other restaurant technologies especially POS systems.

Kitchen Brains QPM also enhances fresh product scores from 50% to 95% and product availability from 60% to 90%.  All kitchen equipment will work without using the traditional APIs, due to the integration of HotSchedules. The traditional HotSchedules APIs also improves the freshness, availability, and reduce costs.

Mario Ceste, CEO at Kitchen Brains said, “No matter what forecasting software you use, real-time sales data is the key to validating your predictions and adapting to new conditions. Real-time sales data is essential for QPM to deliver precise production management. That is why partnering with HotSchedules will be valuable to our customers.

HotSchedules IoT platform sends information to the two applications, named as Reveal and Inventory. Through Inventory, you will get information about all the products going in and out the restaurant and Reveal offers business insights into food quality, speed of service, wastage and gives advice on how to save money.

With the Internet of Things platform, one can also reduce the amount of integrations between applications and technologies. One press release explains, “In other words, if 10 restaurant technologies would normally call for 45 separate integrations, the HotSchedules IoT Platform reduces that number to just 10,” said the press release.

Users will integrate app in a few months, as HotSchedules and Kitchen Brains both don’t offer a schedule for businesses. Meanwhile, you want to develop your own business app like hotschedules, you can hire mobile app development company, who develop an app like hotschedules by using hotschedules apk.  

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New Apple App Store Guidelines Removing Abandoned iOS Apps, Update Your iOS App Today

Apple is ready to clean abandoned apps.

On September 1, 2016, Apple sent an email to all the iOS developers that notify them a new evaluation process to find and remove “problematic” apps that haven’t been updated with the latest version of iOS and macOS.

Apple says it is searching for an apps “that no longer function as intended” and those that fail to follow iOS app store guidelines. Now, Apple developer website has also been updated with an explainer on the new app store update process.

Apple wrote, “We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.

Quality for App Store New Releases is Extremely Important to Apple

Apple says if any problem found, the company will notify developers, who have left these “abandoned” apps to gather unwanted application from iTunes. These “abandoned” apps should be changed within 30 days. If any app fails to make changes, those will be removed completely. So, app owners catch your developers, whom you have hired for your project.

iOS apps get crashed when opened will be removed immediately once these apps go through   Apple’s evaluation process. “We know that many of you work hard to build innovative apps and update your apps on the App Store with new content and features,” written in an email.

If any users have downloaded an application that gets booted from iTunes, they will still able to use. Another news come from the Apple is the names of new apps submitted to the iTunes can no longer than 50 characters in length.   

This step is designed to avoid android developers from gaming App Store search, which is “one of the most frequently used methods for customers to discover and download apps from the App Store.” There are some iPhone app developers have “used extremely long app names which include descriptions and terms not directly related to their app” to rank higher in search queries.

Apple’s mail warns that such lengthy names “are not fully displayed on the App Store and provide no user value.” This change is interested after the launch of iOS 10 that has Search Ads feature that let iOS developers pay to be at the top of the search result for relevant terms to their app.

These changes will affect from September 7th – that same day Apple announced a new iPhone, second-generation Apple Watch, and public release date of iOS 10. As Apple is updating its software, so it might impact on the apps that we are using on our iPhone.

At present, more than 2 million apps are there at iTunes. However, some of the junk will be removed or incompatible apps can be improved and updated according to the apple app store guidelines.

How to update iOS app as Per New Apple App Store Guidelines?

Most of us have an idea that updating iOS application as per new apple app store guidelines is must, otherwise, it will ditch app from the iTunes. As the number of applications is installed in the device, regular updates can help get more mindshare compared to other apps on the device.

Updating iOS application is a way for developers to speak with their user base through release notes. There are many users having latest iOS devices and thus, to target them, it is must to hire iPhone app developer, who update your application with app store new releases.

Do you have any query about how to update your apps according to new apple store guidelines? Contact us.

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Uber & Visa Launch ‘Local Offers’ to Compete Google, Who Expands Waze for Carpooling

Uber with Visa has announced the launch of a new rewards program, Local Offers’ that will credit Uber users with free rides at nearby businesses. “Local Offers” gives you one “Uber point” for each dollar spent at a business by using the Visa card, which is saved in user’s Uber account. When the user collects 100 points, he/she will get a free ride up to $10.

How Users Find Local Offers?

Local Offers is a permanent marketing campaign, but the feature is developed into the Uber mobile application, right above the “Promotions” section in the left-side menu.

Uber Local Offers

From this menu, riders can easily see a list of participating places, where they can enroll in the program by earning Uber point. Also, they can track their progress and points. Rider will see the increase point balance immediately upon swiping at the merchant, as Uber has partnered with Visa on the new loyalty product.  

This system is powered by Visa’s “Commerce Network”, which is offers and loyalty platform that connect transactions between merchants. It removes things like paper coupons or other redemption schemes that qualifying purchases at POS can be applied directly to cardholders’ accounts.

There is already a tight connection between Uber and its own company as Visa notes. Cardholders spend over $144 billion per year in physical stores with $2 billion of that happen as soon as a rider steps out of an Uber.

Visa also aims to boost with Local Offers that spending even further that allows local businesses to acquire new customers, drive loyalty, and increase sales. Local Offers is debuting in L.A. and San Francisco and includes participating businesses like Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Mixt Greens, Peet’s Coffee, Barcito, Delarosa, Ike’s, PizzaRev, Specialty’s Café & Bakery, Super Duper, The Pie Hole, Uno Dos Tacos, Veggie Grill, and Wurstküche.

Drew Quinn, product manager at Uber, in a statement,

We’ve built Local Offers right into the Uber app, making it a one-stop shop for riders to see our curated list of places and track progress toward free rides. We’re excited to partner with Visa to help riders get even more out of their experience shopping and dining at the places they love, and the local favorites they’ve yet to try.

To Compete with Uber, Google Expands Waze to Include Carpooling

Google is the modern player to toss its car keys into the ring. The high-tech firm started a limited test in May of a carpooling project in its home base in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is expanding that venture that relies on Google’s Waze smartphone app.

The carpooling project could create a future outlet for Google because it pushes forward with its aggressive independent vehicle development program. One indication is the tech firm’s possible plans come with the decision by David Drummond to leave from Uber’s board of directors. Previously, Drummond had been the chairman of Alphabet GV.

Google offers the service to only “a select group of employers” near San Francisco, including Adobe Systems, Wal-Mart and to employees at Google, when it launched its carpooling venture back in May.

Google’s project was different from Uber but is for taxi alternative. By using Waze app, people could connect with other travelers, who might be heading in the same direction and willing to offer ride-sharing like Uber app is offering. They have planned to pay a small fee, which is up to 54 cents a mile to cover gas and vehicle depreciation. An app like Uber, Waze app’s program is now opening up to all commuters in the Bay Area.

Kelley Blue Book analyst Michael Harley said: “Considering that Waze reportedly has more than 50 million users, Google is arguably more knowledgeable — and has more insight — towards driving habits than any other company on the planet.

Markedly, Google hasn’t been charging for the ride-sharing service. However, its main aim to expand its service to other markets. It’s clear that tech firm is looking to play a role in the rapidly changing transportation industry.

Like Google, there are many businesses thinking to setup ride-sharing business like Uber. Other side, Uber is expanding its service by introducing new service in it. Competition holding down fares and increase rivals for on-demand taxi booking app, Uber. Let’s see how Uber competes with them and stay in the first place.

Meanwhile, if you want to give competition to Uber, you can also hire dedicated developer to develop app like Uber.

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Apple Secretly Started Developing iPhone Video Sharing and Editing Application

Apple Inc. has secretly started developing a video sharing and editing application like Snapchat to catch up the popularity of social networks that put video first. Right now, the company is testing the new features of its app for iPhone and iPad devices.

According to some people familiar with Apple’s strategy, Apple is focusing on integrating social networking applications into it’s mobile products. Apple believes that social networking applications are a response to the success of social media-focused companies such as Facebook Inc. and Snapchat Inc. However, a spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment on this.

Apple’s growth in hardware business is slowing, so Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is now seeking for opportunities in the company’s services business as a way to increase Apple’s revenue. In the past, Apple has failed to launch social media services, including iTunes-focused social network called Ping in 2010.

Apple is looking to create its own features to remain relevant, especially for young users, as Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram and Messenger apps grow over Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Why Video Recording/Editing App?



Apple is working on a video editing and recording application that would be similar to an app like Snapchat. This application is supposed to be easy to use for video recording, and users will be able to swipe between different filters and can also add drawings with ease.

Apple’s main aim is to provide video app that creates and edit video on iphone within a minute. Just like we, at Space-O, developed an app named Slideshow make.r, that creates video from photos within few minutes.

Apple’s video editing app also have a filter of Instagram-sized square, so we can say that it is a combination of both, good editing app and Instagram video app. The ultimate hope is that people would use the app, which is being developed by the same people, who have developed iMovie and Final Cut Pro to create the content & share with other social networks.

As Apple’s new iPhone is failing to meet the sales expectations quarter after quarter, so changing the focus to services business instead of hardware business is making more sense now.  


However, if you expect that apple will double down on existing sales, then services like Music, Apple Pay, and iTunes can be potentially profitable instead of diving into social, where Facebook and Snapchat lead on the top.

Apple could supposedly select to restrain the new social functionality yet again in coming year. Irrespective, the video app development suggests the growing importance of social networking to the company. This renewed push of video editing apps for iPad and iPhone relies heavily on video that enables Apple to leverage its latest camera technology like a dual-lens system with more advanced zoom in the next iPhone.

Well, we will have to wait till the launch of next iPhone to find out the truth. Meanwhile, if you are thinking to develop best editing application with basic and more advanced functionality like filters, record video, drawings and so on, you can hire iPhone app developer from reputed mobile app development company.  

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