iOS Social Networking App Development And The Leverage Out Of It

Soical Messenging App

Not only among the addicted internet users, but social media is inseparable part of every individual. Probably because the combination of the mobile devices, the technology and the app stores have provided the new possibilities to people to do much more that was not possible earlier with the web.

Eventually, this has created new business opportunities for various publishers worldwide. And if we talk about iOS Social Networking Apps in particular, they have been yielding good rewards over the past year.

According to App Annie, the category was the 3rd largest contributor in iOS revenue as of January 2013 moving up from 12th position a year back. This means iOS Social Networking App Development is the key to successful app creation.

Having said that creating iOS social networking apps is not everyone’s cup of tea.Twitter It should be noted that iOS apps which are created purely for social networking are different from the ones that have social sharing integrated in them. For example, Facebook app for iOS is different from the other app that is meant for other purpose but allows social sharing.

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Social Networking Apps can include following types:

  • Chat/Messenger
  • Social and Multi-Player Games
  • Photo Sharing
  • 3rd Party App to Access already existing Social Networks
  • Professional and Public Networking
  • Blogging among others

How do you benefit?

The direct gain of having an iOS social networking app can be only through revenue generated by selling such an app if your app is paid. However, if you are creating a free social networking app then you can indirectly through adverstising, promotion and other ways.

In short iOS social networking app development is really worthful if you have concept that’s really engaging and if you know how to leverage out of it. But there are few mobile app development companies that help you with strategy too.


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