Importance of Research and Development of an iPhone Apps

Research on iPhone App

Have you ever thought, “I should have prepared better prior to executing my App idea?”

Developing an App is a not an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, developing an iPhone App without proper research can cost you a fortune.

The better researched your iPhone App Idea, the better chances of success.

How to Research an iPhone Apps Development Idea?

Researching an iPhone App Idea can be as simple or as complex as any other research project.

In a usual research project, you use online research tools such as Google, Bing and Wikipedia or offline tools such as interviewing relevant people, exploring places or experiencing things yourself.

However, when it comes to researching an App Idea, the most usual tool is the AppStore search function. You figure out primary keywords that you think people would be using to search for your App idea and start searching in the AppStore as if you are an end-user searching for an app idea you have. And guess what, you might be presented with hundreds if not thousands Apps of similar kind.

At the time of writing this, AppStore has over 50 billion apps listed.Twitter Why shouldn’t we leverage what people have already produced?

When you have found a similar app or at least an app that has one or more features you would want to have in your App, you can just download it and start playing with it.

This way you can see your idea – or at least a part of it – in action. This activity can help you develop a different perception about how you would want your app to function.

iPhone App Development

A Note of Caution

People sometimes just try to clone the apps. That is an unwise move if you really want to make a difference.

AppStore research should validate your App idea, that’s it. If you use it for observing the features and copying them for your app, Apple would not deal very softly with you and your copycat app might get banned. Ethically, also you should not do that.


AppStore search function is a tool and it is good when you use it to validate your idea.

Once you have validated your idea, then you can cite its reference in your requirements documentation.

Teams at iPhone Apps Development Company would love to see real world examples in action prior to developing the App in your requirements documents.

This not only helps them in creating better prototypes for your iPhone App, but to visualize your iPhone App effectively.


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