How to Benefit from Ben Taylor’s iOS Design Guide for Beginners

Screen-Shot-2013-05-27-at-12.42.18-PMWho is this post for?

This article is not for the iOS developers, but for people who want to get an iPhone App Developed.

Here’s the link to Ben Taylor’s Designing for IOS mini-guide.

“Design Guide for Beginners? This might be a useful resource for iOS developers, not me. I just want my App developed by a good iPhone Apps Development Company, ” might be your first reaction.

What works today?

Well, there are multiple sides of the things and today, invitation to you is to act smart and ensure that your iPhone or iPad App confirms to what Ben calls the “Fundamental iOS and UI design concepts.”

You might find it strange but these days; entering iOS design business has become easier than ever so you will find goats and sheep – both in the flock.

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How to act smart and do what works today?

Key is to find the difference and work with the sheeps. Or in other words, work with a solution provider company whose iOS teams are strong in fundamentals and add value in your App on top of that.

Ben introduces the fundamentals of iOS app designing and explains the things that are valuable. He discusses the differences between retina/non-retina displays and things to keep in mind while developing app for iPhone or iPad.


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