iOS App Developer Are First To Get The Taste of Innovation

iPhone app ConceptBelieve it or not but iOS app developers have been fortunate to get the taste of innovation, most of the times. Every day we get to read about something that is related to iPhone which is either newly launched or is upcoming and which somehow inspires or intrigues the common as well as creative people like iOS app developers. Try and browse through a bunch of sites like mashable, techcrunch, lifehacker, engadget, gizmodo, and gigaom among others, you will come to know about the latest happenings, particularly related to iPhone.

But let’s get to the point rather beating around the bush. iOS apps are the first medium to unleash a new mobile app concept before the public or if we put this other way round, iOS app developers are the first to work on a fresh and an innovative idea.

Some of you may not buy that or even dissuade to what is mentioned above, however there are numerous instances that you can’t disagree with. We can at least talk about 2 such instances that we have on top of our heads right now.

The World’s First Interplanetary Weather App:

 NASA which aims to enhance people’s understandings about space research and exploration constantly encourages and invites people to help them create solutions that may aid in improving and imparting further knowledge about the space discoveries.

Sol – The World’s First Interplanetary Weather App,Twitter was honored for Best Use of Data in the 2013 NASA International Space Apps Challenge, garnering praise and recognition from the White House, as well as national media outlets.

The mobile platform to create such an award-winning smartphone application was iOS and like mentioned iOS app developers were behind it.

The First Indoor GPS App: 

Most of the navigation apps are outdoor whereas people tend to lose the orientation easily indoor within the buildings too. Addressing the need of mobile indoor navigation not only requires superior engineering skill but requires a good hardware support and a reliable mobile operating system too.

Probably this is why iOS was chosen to create the world’s first Indoor GPS (Indoor Navigation) App – Explorer: The American Museum of Natural History.

In short, it is not wrong to say that iOS app developers are more likely to be proposed with fresh, finest and innovation mobile application concepts.

You may contradictory thoughts on it; feel free to share them with us and everyone out there.


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