Non Technical Skills That Android Apps Developer should Possess

Obviously you would want to hire experienced android app developer if you are looking for developing android apps. The android app developer you choose should have the required skill set and expertise. Along with the technical skills, the android app developer should also possess basic non-technical skills. Though non technical skills have lesser impact on the development of the android app, they are considered to be important because they ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Here are some non technical skills that the android app developer should possess:

Communication skills:


This is the major criteria for choosing the right android app developer. It is useless to have the app developed if there is a lack of communication between you and the developer. The android app developer you select for your project should be able to communicate his / her ideas and provide you suitable suggestions too. Good communication can make your task easier. Hence, while selecting the developer, you should know what type of communication skills he possesses.

Work prioritization:

As android app development is done phase wise, there are some issues which need attention while others can wait. Hence, the developer you plan to work with should be able to prioritize the work when required.

Client focus:

You need to find out the app developer who is customer-centric. He should stay focused on your project and should have complete interest in the same.

No ego:

Several Android developers have a big ego. It becomes difficult to deal with such people. If you want to have full control over your project, you should make sure that the developer you choose does not have ego. There are chances that there may be many hurdles while the development takes place. In order to avoid conflicts, go with the developer who has no ego.

Delegation skills:

Make sure that the company has proper project delegation among the team members. This would ensure that the project gets completed before the deadline.


The developer working with you should be available for regular communication. They should be accessible through email, chat, phone and IMs.

The best option to choose the right Android app developer is to make sure that they have the right combination of technical and non technical skills. This would ensure fast and smooth delivery of your project.

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