Things To Check Before Developing Your Android Application

When it comes to Android application development one needs to be very thorough about everything involved. There has to be a clear mind set from the inception of the idea to the execution and ultimately the release of the final product. To develop an Android application which can compete with the other similar apps in the same category requires a lot of effort in every aspect of the development.

If you are going to develop an Android application then you are at the right article. With this article we will try to clear the air about the do’s and don’t regarding Android Application Development. Keep reading!

Why to go for an Android for application?

  • It’s an open source and free mobile platform
  • Uses JAVA based languages which in turn use Google created Java libraries
  • It has the power to change the feel and functions of a device
  • 3rd party apps can also be created with Android frameworks and Java frameworks

It’s quite a deal to develop an application with Android, by considering the above points.

So now when you have already decided to go with Android, you must then decide the category of your application.  Any application on the Google Play Store falls under a particular type/category so you need to be pretty sure about the type of your application. Here, below mentioned are the different types of apps on Google Play Store:

  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Education
  • Social networking
  • News
  • Navigation
  • Travel
  • Books
  • … and so on

Having clarity about the type of your application can help you to make room for your app in the already flooded play store. The best way to project your application as a unique one is to do R&D on the other similar types of apps already available in the store. This way you can learn many things about your application and your competitor’s application and their business strategy. Like they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

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Before investing time, energy and money into the development please ensure that you have a blue print of everything. Refrain from jumping in without knowing each and everything.


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