How Does iPhone/iPad App Development Solve Majority Concerns for an eCommerce?

E-commerce has stormed the way we shop in last decade. The growing competition amongst various shopping portals is demanding innovative ways to reach to the customers. And with increasing iPhone and iPad users in the USA, there is no better way than deploying m-commerce app to achieve market penetration.

General challenges you must be facing as an e-commerce are

  • How to increase the traffic and bring more customers to the web platform
  • Providing an efficient look & feel to allow your customer experience the product before buying and
  • Less complex and quicker options for check-out & payment gateways.

M-commerce app over the iOS platform is the tailor made solution for online shopping business.

Increasing smart phone users and number of connected devices are encouraging factors to consider a smart phone app to deploy a marketing strategy. Alarming factor is, average time spent in mobile apps challenging avg the time spent on television. For the period of 2010 – 2012, web browsing & television audience have been stagnant in comparison to almost double growth for Mobile apps (Techcrunch).

Important thing as an investor / an entrepreneur is establishing understanding between the ratio of users and traffic acquisition. M-commerce app could be the bridge to amplify your sales and marketing to attract this increasing audience. Certainly, if you have not entered this market, your competitors will (if they already haven’t), therefore, it is more of a mandate at the present scenario.

Moreover, load time and virtualization of the product are one of the biggest hurdles. The iOS is equipped to solve both of them with an upcoming iOS7. The advanced iOS7 platform is perfect to create a virtual product experience to your customers with minimum load time. Further iPad is the leading driver of mobile traffic (Source: Mashable). Therefore, m-commerce app for iOS platform is ideal.

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Various Apple patents for payment methods and Apple Passbook are the tools to integrate improvised payment gateways. They offer simple, but faster methods for check-out and payment gateways. Hence the increasing audience, better appearance and advance cart options with iOS are good enough reasons to have an optimized m-commerce app for online retailers.

The mobile e-commerce is a niche platform and the curious buyers are attracted with the idea of it. However, you must focus on building a futuristic m-commerce app to build brand loyalty. You require thorough analysis on target customers and an app to support iPhone and iPad. And sourcing a skilled iOS developer is one of the most integral factors to deploy this project successfully.

We at Space-O Technologies have the experience of carrying out e-commerce projects for web and mobile platforms. We have the team of experts to carry research and analysis to lead m-commerce app development. Get in touch with our analysts and understand the solutions we can offer to your needs. Review out portfolio and customer testimonials. Say Hello to us.


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