How About an Application That can Turn an Excel Spreadsheet Into an App?

Excel is a very integral part of any person or entity working directly via the computer/laptop and now-a-days their tablets/iPad/mobile phones. Excel helps us by simplifying complex calculations and letting us accomplish our task very easily. It is one of the most used tool/program that comes with MS Office. Since its inception till date excel has rolled out with updates on a regular basis, with only one goal that is to give its users the best experience, every single time.

And, coming to the mobile app world there are many questions like how to turn an excel spreadsheet into an app? Can that be done? If yes, then how can it be done? How a layman user can use it wisely? etc, there are numerous questions around it. And it’s a good thing to discuss and brainstorm as well since these days mostly everyone is using Smartphones, tablets & iPads to accomplish their work on the go. So here comes excel in the picture. Using excel on Smartphones, tablets & iPads, is a bit tough for a layman personal computer user. And so such users are always treasure hunting for apps of alternative tool which can replace excel on their device.

It would be very easy for a layman user if s/he gets an app in which they can have the power to turn an excel spreadsheet into an app. In short an application that can turn an excel spreadsheet into a standalone application itself. How about that? Cool, right?

How can such application help to accomplish work as swiftly as an excel spreadsheet?

It’s simple. The idea behind the whole app is that the app converts a single spreadsheet into a standalone application. It means that the formulas saved in a respective application to perform and undertake a particular calculation can now be done in the form of an app and the results can be downloaded in PDF format as well. So a layman user who does not have access to the user who does not have access to PC and still wants to perform some calculation than it makes it easy for such user to accomplish the task and download the result and can email on the go if required. It just becomes easy for the people who are always on the move. Do not forget to check this amazing video of such solution which is already hi-n-happening in the market:


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