Should a Mid Size Company Opt for Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Are you that mid size company which is wondering if enterprise

mobility applications are meant for it?

Are you concerned whether you can afford it for your firm?

Are you not convinced that technology is essentially for everybody and that too at an affordable rate?

If yes, Read on.

It is now open secret that mobile applications have penetrated market as never before. As per one study, total 31 billion mobile applications were downloaded in the year of 2012 and it is expected to be 66 billion by 2016. In such a scenario, mid size companies can avoid enterprise mobility solutions only at their own peril.

Why mid size companies should plan enterprise mobility applications?

One of the major reasons should be acute need to work with greater productivity and sharpness. A mid size company too can dream higher and make it there. Think about the traditional environment wherein an employee works on desktop, and prepares important document for the company. She then goes to home and realizes that she missed something important to add in that document.

Next morning, when she returns to office, she is not able to recollect everything that was needed to be added in that document. This inaccessibility of technology ultimately harms business and an employee’s zeal to put her best foot forward.

Also, the availability of mobile application relieves employees of remembering many facts and figures of business. Whenever they receive any update about their project, they can immediately update their project details even on the go. They therefore have an updated project document at hand always.

In this sense, by facilitating an efficient enterprise mobility solution to that employee and many others in your firm, you make sure that your work gets the best of your employee and your employee gets the best from the technology. It is in that sense a win-win situation for everybody.

Let us look into other benefits of enterprise mobility applications:

  • Increases productivity at a considerable rate. It is proved in various studies that employees who have access to mobile applications can easily work extra eight hours per week
  • It also gives much-needed flexibility to both the company and the employee thereby motivating talented people to work for you at their own time
  • Mobile applications also facilitates on-the-spot sales orders eliminating the need for a long queue
  • This in turn makes customer communication smoother, easier and more effective
  • Such applications can be customized as per the requirements of a mid size company such as yours at a very affordable rate
  • That gives you both quality and ease in your business environment

What to consider for getting such mobile applications

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you go through the portfolio of your technology partner and customer testimonies. For example, companies like Space-O offers enterprise mobility solutions such as complete mobile device management, BYOD solutions, mobile application platforms, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Not only that, companies such as ours also offers consultations and makes you understand whole mechanism of enterprise mobility solutions.

You also need to be careful whether your chosen technology partner is well-equipped to manage security management of such solutions. That is the most important aspect of getting unique and customized mobile applications. Things to look for security management are:

  • Provision for password protection, data encryption, and remote wipe capabilities
  • Commitment to protect your intellectual rights
  • Provision to secure confidential and sensitive data

Space-O is a company that understands the importance of enterprise mobility solutions for mid size companies better than the best in the industry.

Give us an email at and let us explore.


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