Top 4 Reasons Why Your Application can be Rejected by Apple

App Rejected

Thinking of developing an iphone application? Not everyone can submit a design to Apple. One needs to be a registered Apple developer to submit applications to ios store. There are many developers who have made good money by running their respective applications on Apple store. There are many applications that get rejected by Apple.

Apple has been strict for the approval process. They are making efforts to make sure that each app on the Apple store is a good fit. There are several reasons why applications get rejected.

Be Original:

The first and the foremost factor in creating an application is “Originality”. As there will always be several similar apps in the app store, you should think of something different. Apple loves to have unique apps on the App store.

If you have an idea for ios application development that is similar to an existing app idea, you should think of some new ways to improve the functionality or offer something different to the users. While developing an ios app, you should not try to duplicate the existing applications. It is important that the application you develop should be better than the rest of the similar apps. You should always think out-of-the-box to develop an ios app.

Too Much Frustration:

Apple and the app users do not want to use the applications that take too long to load. If your application takes too long to load, you should think of some solution to make it load faster. Before submitting the app to the Apple store, you should make some changes to ensure that your app has a better chance of getting approved. You should also ensure that your ios application has a better user experience and ratings.

Mobile Websites vs Mobile App:

Many people are confused with mobile websites and mobile applications. If you try to submit mobile websites to the App store, it would definitely be rejected. You need to ensure that your app uses native features of ios and also possesses functionality.

Testing of Mobile App:

Apple reviews each and every application and checks the reliability before approving it. Hence, while developing and testing the application, the developer needs to ensure that the app is bug free. Apple has a strict policy to test the apps. Hence, if your app gets crashed or has some malfunctions, it would definitely be rejected by the app store.

There is no guarantee that your application would be accepted to the App store even when you follow the above mentioned guidelines.  Even without these issues, ios apps may get rejected. App development can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but the developers should do some research for Apple’s guidelines before working on a project. Apple can change the guidelines at any time and without notice. So, the developers should stay updated with the latest advancements.

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