How Enterprise Mobility Solutions can help Housing Sector?

These days, there’s a great hype around the topics related to enterprise mobility solutions. BYOD is deployed in many big offices and organizations. The benefits of mobile technology are being recognized by the users worldwide. Did you know that enterprise mobility solutions can be used by housing associations and housing providers too?

Here are some areas we have identified where enterprise mobility solutions can deliver significant results for the housing sector:

1. Improve Tenant Satisfaction:

The housing associations should identify and respond to the tenants’ requirements and complains. When traditional paper forms are replaced with enterprise mobility solutions, it can help you save a lot of time and improve the efficiency of the work. You can add a simple questionnaire for the mobile devices and tablets. The tenants can access the form via ipad or any other mobile phone. The data captured reaches the housing owners and they can address to the queries in the minimum time. There’s no need to read someone’s hand writing too. Isn’t that great?

When the tenants would get good response in a timely manner, it would increase tenants’ satisfaction levels. The tenants would be happy to notice their queries addressed faster. Enterprise mobility solutions enable housing officers understand the requirements and expectations of the tenants. The officers would be in a better position to provide improved services on time.

2. Respond to Repairs Faster:

Modern mobile phones and devices have the features to track the exact location of the user. There are several apps for GPS location services and hence, the housing officers can know the exact location where the repairs are required. Maintenance and repair technicians and workers can also tap the location and reach to the destined places faster.

Real time information for the workers can also be obtained by housing owners. It reduces the issues and problems with the reporting too.

3. Increase The Efficiency of The Workers:

The real time information can be available to the housing officers. Hence, they can keep a track of their employees and workers. Field workers can spend more time on the job and reduce the communication gap between the workers and owners.

4. Turnaround Time:

Many housing associations find it difficult to find the tenants when the tenants leave the house. The “vacant time” can be frustrating for the housing owners. Mobile technology can speed up the process and reduce the turnaround time. Hence, it helps organizations save a lot of time and money.

Enterprise mobility solutions can help the organizations and businesses that are into housing sector. It is a cost effective and efficient way to improve the profits. Though enterprise mobility solutions for housing business require some investment initially, there are several benefits that cannot be overlooked. Think about it now!

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