Hire iPhone Programmers who know Apple’s VPP Program Well

It is always good to hire iPhone programmers who know programming and coding. However, if you know how to cook, it is equally important you know quite well how to clean the kitchen as well. You cannot, rather should not leave your kitchen cluttered and dirty having cooked.

Analogy may seem absurd, but, the implication is quite right. If you are developing an application for iPhone, you need an iPhone app programmer who also knows Apple’s smart strategy to distribute the apps. The knowledge of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program – VPP – goes a long way in developing an application that can make decent money.

Apple VVP Program

Let us see some important aspects of VPP that your iPhone programmers need to know.

Purpose of VPP

VPP – a program that is only applicable in the U.S. – can be deemed as Apple’s way to strike a balance between a consume-centric approach and the needs of a larger organization. This program facilitates businesses to use apps meaningfully and work with third-party iPhone app programmers.

The business VPP is basically a middle way to sell the applications which are customized. It helps businesses to sell B2B apps which are developed keeping in mind special needs of the businesses. This middle way is precisely to address the difficulties that customized apps may face compared to independent and in-house apps. The thorough knowledge of this program therefore is a great advantage for iPhone app programmers.

How it works

In order to get enrolled in this program three basic things are required:

  • Basic contact information to verify your business. This comprises a business phone, address and an e-mail address. E-mail address has to be a business e-mail and not the commercial yahoo.com or gmail.com
  • Dun & Bradstreet number (D-U-N-S). All above mentioned details are compared to this and has to match to this database.
  • Corporate credit card, PayPal or PCard to purchase apps

Apart from these, iPhone app programmers also need to have a separate Apple ID which is different from all other Apple IDs and services including iTunes.

Challenges facing iPhone app programmers in exploiting VPP

When an iPhone app programmer is hired by a mobile application development company, she should also know major challenges facing this program. This can earn the faith of your company in the programmer’s aptness to do the job.

The basic challenge that this program brings with it is the issue of ownership of the app. When an iPhone app programmer or any user buys the app on behalf of a company, the ownership goes to the user who redeems a VPP code. In that sense, if an organization wants to get the ownership of the apps especially in BYOD or enterprise mobility solutions, it has to chart out a clear strategy to purchase apps under VPP program.

But, iPhone app programmers have a reason to smile as if they are enrolled in iOS developer program; they are entitled to create B2B apps for customers who are enrolled in the Volume Purchase Program. Also, the purchase of Mobile Device Management software suite can help developers manage redemption codes and VPP apps easily through that interface. Apple Configurator for OS X too is a good tool to manage redemption codes.

Contact Space of right now and know how our iPhone app programmers can help you make the most out of this VPP program.

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