Android Application Developer – A Craftsman Turning Fragmentation into Diversity

Android Developer TypographySix months ago, Opensignal published a report indicating that whooping 11,868 various types of Android devices downloaded the developer’s software within a span of a few months.

Questions that it has posed before enterprises, Android application developers in India and Android application development services are:

  1. Can an Android application developer is well-equipped to handle this extraordinary proliferation of Android devices?
  2. If yes, how? And, if now, what should be the solutions to it?

Before arriving at the reconciliation of these questions, let us have a look what difficulties this fragmentation of devices and devices can cause to enterprises and Android application developers:

  • This has the potential to affect global enterprises especially in emerging economies where device adoption varies greatly and the tendency is to go for a smaller and simpler device. Unique Android apps made for larger devices may find it difficult to run there
  • When user interface ill fits, it means a failure of the app and hence no monetization and no industry credentials
  • A comparison to iOS app development is going to be there always. For example, less efforts to test iOS apps as compared to Android apps as with a fraction of costs, a developer can get huge iOS install base

However, expert and smart Android app developers do not consider these issues as issues. But, rather with a style and substance of expert craftsmen, they all cash in on this apparent pitfall of prolific fragmentation. And, when they are able to make it, they call it diversity!

Let us have a look at the reasons why this fragmentation is successfully turned into diversity:

  • The presence of 11,868 Android devices do make an emphatic point that there is much more to Android than just fragmentation and that too is not an issue but rather a qualification to reckon with
  • The key for Android app developers to get through successful testing of the app lies in working on rapid development cycles and testing it on variety of Android devices. Though, it depends on the development style of Android developers. But, one thing that all expert Android app developers make sure that even if they test the app on 10 devices or hundred, it does successfully operate on all devices across all platforms
  • It is this immense and intense reach to millions of users across the globe, that has prompted experts to call it diversity rather than a more chaotic and anarchical – fragmentation.

Android devices are expected to be sold over one billion units in 2017. In emerging and developing countries, Android is the first choice of users. In such a situation, a bit more expense on tests and other stuff seems to be a good trade-off for smart Android app developers who can reach millions of users across the globe through their Android application development.


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