Things to be Careful about before wrapping up iPhone Application Development

iPhone App Development

For those, who think that iPhone app development is a child’s play, read on.

Before iPhone app development can be declared as completed, the crucial phase is that of its testing and deployment. Any efficient developer or a professional iPhone application development company has to face following questions before the app is ready to be uploaded on the store:

  • Testing of an iPhone app on more than one devices
  • Adequate security measures to protect application for memory leaks and performance issues
  • How many times does an application crash?
  • A common mistake that iPhone application developers tend to make is not optimizing an application for the larger screen of iPhone 5 or iPad Mini

According to experts, iPhone application developers should make good use of iOS Simulator that can be easily held in pocket. It is also very important to make an application that runs on both the older and newer devices.

There is also Apple’s Review Process that can identify the problems of the application. Expert iPhone application developers use it to check the frequency of an app’s crash, its performance, its speed etc. If the speed gets lower and crash happens time and again, it means there is something still left undone in the development phase. With the use of this review process, iPhone app developer can create an excellent user experience and earn good reviews on App Store.

Making good use of Apple’s rules and guidance

Apple has this – innate sense of ownership and subsequent sense of accountability. As a result, it has numerous documented guidelines and rules for iPhone application development. Any developer – fresher or experienced can take advantage of it. Major documents are consisted of iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the App Store Review Guidelines. These are the documents that address many issues of iPhone application development and provide sensible and smart solutions to them.

Following are some of the most basic but very important rules that need to be mastered by any expert iPhone application developer:

  • An application should not crash
  • An application should not at any cost repeat the functionality of native applications
  • It should not use private API
  • During their iPhone application development, developers should insist to use in-app purchase for in-app transactions
  • Be very careful while using images or any other artwork that is not yours. It may trap in the issues of copyright

At times, when a developer becomes too much experienced and successful, she tends to overlook these basic rules and regulations of iPhone application development. The secret is to be more careful about basics when you gain more experience and success and both of them are sure to bring disaster if you are not rooted in basics.

And, for those, who think that since iPhone application development is in thing, it can be done by anybody anywhere, think twice before you decide your iPhone application development provider. It is precisely because of its popularity, any enterprise or individual needs to be careful about the credentials of iPhone application development company.

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