Android or iOS – Which One is Better?


Mobile applications have been dominating the market since the last few years. As the number of smart phone and tablet users increases, there is a cut-throat competition amongst businesses. Many businesses have been developing user-friendly and attractive apps for various operating systems. Android and iOS are the two giants that dominate the mobile app development market.

Android uses JAVA that supports third party tools for developing scalable and robust apps that can be useful for Android app development. On the other hand, iOS uses Objective C and C++ principles. In today’s highly competitive market, it has become important to develop apps that persist for a long time.

Here are some factors you should consider while developing Android or iOS apps:


It is very important to offer the users something new and fresh and still useful. Looking at the current market trends, Android has overtaken iOS in terms of functionality and number of users. iOS is considered to be more stable and comprehensive to offer the users multi-purpose utility.

Tablet Market:

When we look at the tablet market, iPad dominates Android. Android tablets are slowly creeping in the market and becoming popular because of the low price. App experience with iPad is much more improved than Android. So, the clear winner in this domain is iOS.

App store Regulations:

Android apps can be easily launched on Google Store once the testing is completed. It takes no time for getting a response for approval from Android. Apple has specific rules that should be adhered to, for getting an approval on the App store. This may take a fair amount of time around 30-40 days.

Marketing Apps:

The most important factor that should be considered while making the choice of platform for mobile app development is the publicity. As there are millions of Android and iOS apps in the market, Both the operating systems have their pros and cons. So, it becomes important for the app developer and business owners to study the market and nature of target audience that can help your business make huge profits.

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As Android and iOS are the two leading platforms today, you should think of some unique features and concept that helps your business reach the targeted audience. Businesses aim at expanding the market share and hence, make smarter decisions while developing iOS or Android apps for your organization.

Once you have an idea for mobile app development in mind, hire the best resources who can help you accomplish your business objectives. Highly engaging and user friendly apps can help your business make huge profits in no time. All you need to do is look for the right mobile app developers’ team and attract the users. All the best!

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