How to Make an App like Whatsapp?

Reskin WhatsApp like App

WhatsApp – The App and the Idea behind it

The sprint in today’s communication practice has allowed Tech-hunters to provide instant services to the mass population. Services like Newspaper, Radio, Television, and Internet were the “best thing since sliced bread” and now instant messaging services have come to light.

One such messaging service provider is “WhatsApp” services. WhatsApp have become one of the most widespread messaging services. This is because of its uniqueness in terms of messaging and providing additional features like transferable images, video, audio and much more.

Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia, the best aspect of WhatsApp is that it allows to send messages, totally at no cost. Let us look into the valuable features of WhatsApp, to create an app just like the one it is.

Significance of WhatsApp in the world of Instant Communication

WhatsApp as, so called ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ started in 2009, competing with several messaging services controlling more than ten billion messages every day in 2012 and reaching the record of 27 billion messages in 2013.

The most important happening was that when “Facebook”- online social networking service possessed WhatsApp for US$19 billion. Facebook has achieved the “Best of both worlds”.

WhatsApp Features in Technical Terms:

  • Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol
  • Automatically adds contact to the users contact list
  • Supported on Android, blackberry, iPhone and Nokia
  • creates user account with phone number as users name

Over-all Benefits of WhatsApp 

  • Free of Cost: A-ha! It is totally-free of cost. Allowing you to send messages anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to operate: It is so easy that anyone can operate without any help.
  • Clear-Screen: The screen is clear as it is does not contain any advertisement.
  • Imports the Contacts: The app allows to view all the contacts and displays about your friend’s status who are using WhatsApp.
  • Number of messages to send: You can send 100 of the messages to your friends who are not using WhatsApp.

How can help you to make this app successful?

Space-O developer’s team are skilled and enough proficient to create app like WhatsApp messaging app. We are right here to develop your WhatsApp like apps with transmission protocols/cloud enablement.

Space-o having involved in creating WhatsApp like app can make an app that really works for you.

As customer how do I make money from this app?

Yes, we recommend the right solution for you; the app is not just a simple messaging app. It serves as a functional role with various attributes like interacting with your community of specific line of work.

The App also comes with cloud storage with other additional message facilities. “Remove Ads” is the in-app facility if you are looking for ad-free messaging.

So, WhatsApp is an application that delivers you with the best benefits that an internet messaging app can deliver you. You can without difficulty send enough unlimited messages to your friends. We make things different and so that the app will serve your users need.

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Need an App like WhatsApp?

You might know that WhatsApp exploits a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

But why take the pain of getting into the lower level stuff as managing source code for such a complex social app? What if you find someone else who has got handle over such things and can make it work for you?

Too good to believe?

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4 Responses to How to Make an App like Whatsapp?

  1. vinay says:

    How much it costs for both design and development of an IM app like whatsapp and will you provide only design or you also provide complete server help also if yes what would be the cost.


  2. Jackashah says:

    I like it and I need to create such network App like whatsApp


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