Native vs HTML5 vs Hybrid App: Which one is Best?

Native_HTML_Hybride Apps

Does your organization looking to build a mobile app?

If “YES”, You are on Right page.

This article will help you to decide which approach is best for your needs: Native, HTML5 or Hybrid.

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are becoming popular these days. A common approach to develop a mobile app may be native apps, hybrid apps and HTML5 development apps. Many mobile app development companies offer such services.

Native AppsNative apps are considered to be the conventional types of mobile apps. As these apps use smartphone’s features, they get stored on the devices. Such apps do not require a “container app” to run them. Native apps make use of the APIs provided by the OS vendors. These apps may not have the look and feel of the mobile devices they’re stored on. Native apps do not need internet connectivity. Hence, the users can access them at anytime and anywhere.


Hybrid apps can be used when you need to develop a flexible mobile app combining web and native elements. In technical terms, a hybrid app is a form of native app with embedded HTML. Such apps would have the benefits of the native apps. This means that it would have access to all the APIs and some elements of the app would be developed using the web technologies.


HTML5 apps offer better performance of the apps. They offer rich user experience and are often used by banks, financial institutions, business intelligence firms, etc. As rich user experience is demanded by the new emerging platforms, HTML5 apps are becoming popular nowadays.

In the near future, all these types of apps would continue dominating the specific segments of the market. While choosing the right type of app for your business, you can seek professional help to determine which the best platform is for you. It is essential to look for expert and experienced mobile app development company to understand your requirements and offer the best solution that helps you build strong brand recognition and improve the sales too.

If you’re looking for mobile app development, give us a shout. We would be glad to assist you!


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