Why You Should Care for Your App Security during Android App Development?

Security of Mobile App

Prateek, Security Researcher for Infosec Institute says… “One thing mobile devs can do now – Make sure important information is not leaked or stored on the device.” For e.g, while storing data locally in IOS applications, one should not use NSUserDefaults, Plist files or even Core Data to store important information like access tokens,passwords etc.

There are countable amount of people are thinking for their apps security!

We hope you’re not one of them, Are you?

Here are few security aspects which you needs to go through:

1) What Type of Assets Your App is Going to Protect:

When you approach your Android app development provider, communicate well what devices you want to target and therefore what sort of information would be vulnerable. Such information may include credit card numbers, user data, contact lists, bank account info, access to other paid services etc. In order to protect such information, your developers need to be very careful at the designing phase of the application itself.

If your data needs to be sent to computer network, you need to tell that to your developer so that she can exploit SSL during Android application development to keep the attackers at bay. Developers can also use third party database such as MySQL to serve the purpose of server-side storage.

2) Perfect Coding Makes your App more Secure:

It is very important to hire Android apps development services in India which house Android developers who understand coding correctly. The developers need to know a standard secure coding that confirms and identify specific issues related to a particular programming language.

During Android application development, developers should count on permissions that are governed by Android’s application permission framework. This framework can be specified in the application Manifest file. It is also important that your developer knows that any hard-coded paths like /tmp should be removed as they may not go with Android device and users may find it difficult to use the app.

3) Reliable User-Response Mechanism

When you have decided to create a specific app as part of your app development, your Android app development services provider should be able to come up with an app that responds when the user needs it. The reason behind this is Android devices are based on a user-response mechanism. If you develop an app that fails to respond within a stipulated time, i.e. 10 seconds which is standard response time, the user experience is going to be spoiled and the app would lose its purpose. This then directly affects your market reputation, consumer confidence and returns on investment.

These three points ensure that your Android Apps are secure from vulnerabilities and possible data thefts.

At the end of the day, we believe the goals are simple, safer and secure. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do. Have a look at our development of Android Apps and discuss with us to make your idea to reality.


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