Ridesharing Battle Between Uber-Lyft-Sidecar : Which one is the best?


Next time you need a ride and you can’t find a cab, what are you going to do?

You could tap a button to hail an Uber car, ask someone with a pink mustache on her car to pick you up (Lyft), or request a Sidecar.

Ride sharing is the buzz of the world these days. People can give lift to other people in free time and it is a good way to earn some extra cash. Many people use apps like Uber and Lyft to find the cabs nearby.

Next time you need a ride and cannot find a taxi, you should use app like Uber or Sidecar.

It is known that Uber is 20-25% cheaper than Lyft. There are other apps that make you pay 0031.5X to 3 X higher than these two.

With Uber, you can tell the driver where you want to go when you get inside the car. The driver of the cab types the address into the GPS device which lies on the dashboard. It is considered to be an expensive option. It is charged by a minute even in traffic. Even if the driver goes the wrong way, the passenger would be charged. It targets the demographic location of the users.

Uber Vs Lyft Infographic

Click here to find out the full Infographic.

Most of the drivers have to juggle between two smartphones – one for “dispatching” and other one for “navigation”. If you want someone there quickly, you can easily rely on Uber. There are many other taxi booking apps that can be useful.

On the other hand, talking about Sidecar, it asks for your destination upfront before one gets inside the car. Hence, the driver doesn’t need to bother for the directions. The rider knows the price also to the trip upfront.

You’d not be charged for the time struck in traffic. If the driver goes the wrong way, you would not be charged. Though you may not find the vehicle on the ground, it has more vehicles that Lyft.

If you want to impress a date, you can surely think of Lyft. Customers who like cheap rides love Lyft. It is more advanced than Uber as the passengers can transmit the information to the driver and he/she can use the same to navigate to the destination from within the app.

Isn't it amazing?

Uber/Lyft Clone App are in great demand nowadays. This new industry is popping up because of the high demand of taxi booking applications for Android and iPhone. All the apps are great in their own way, but they differ from one another.

Why don’t you try the apps yourself and find out which one suits you the best.

If you want to develop Uber/Lyft/ Sidecar clone app, get in touch with our team of experts. We would surely help you get something unique that makes your next app different from the existing ones.


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