How iOS 8 New Feature “Healthkit” Change The Definition of Healthcare Mobile App Industry

Doctor with ipad

The mHealth app market has already entered the commercialization phase.

The number of mHealth apps that are published on the two leading platforms, iOS and Android, has more than doubled in only 2.5 years to reach more than 100,000 apps (Q1 2014), research by

So, now people are becoming aware of the importance of healthcare and finding new, innovative ways to monitor their physical activities. There are several ready-to-run mobile healthcare solutions that are used by people all over the world. Healthcare app development is a booming industry these days.

Different types of healthcare mobile apps are available for doctors, nurses, patients, etc. The doctors find it easier to keep a track of their patients’ via mobile apps. Real time information can be made available for all the patients and the treatments can be planned accordingly. Accessible with a tap, such mobile apps can give an overview of the patients’ health and treatments.

Let us take an example of mHealth App:



Medscape is an app built by the same company as WebMD which acts as a medical resource for more than 3 million physicians, medical students and other healthcare professionals in the U.S.

The app is beneficial to anyone interested in learning more about the medical field from a practicing physician to a medical student at any level. The app covers a broad range of topics with a keen focus on quality across many different medical disciplines.

HealthKit Integration in iOS 8


The HealthKit integration in Apple devices convinces the people to take better care of themselves. The developers kit is designed to help health and fitness apps work together. The patients can keep an eye on their fitness and consultations.

With the rising costs of healthcare, patients are looking for affordable solutions to get treatments. Healthcare mobile app development can help the people get access to the health-related features and also make them aware of the illnesses and health problems. The solutions and treatments can also be made available by the mobile healthcare apps.

Now see, How the iphone is enabling a revolution in connected medical devices

How Doctors & Patients can use mHealth App?

mHealth Use

Patients can now have full control over their health when they start using mobile apps for healthcare. If you want to keep a track of your calorie intake, mobile apps can help. Even if the patient wants to note the readings of the blood pressure on a regular basis, there are several apps that can help.

Apple has surely attracted many developers all over the world to develop mobile healthcare apps that would be beneficial for the patients as well as doctors. Such apps would have a great impact on the everyday lives of patients and the doctors.

Detailed analysis of one’s body can be done just within a few seconds by using some popular and useful mobile apps. The heart rate, pulse rate, blood sugar, etc. Can be known and the information can be shared with the doctors. Isn’t that amazing?

The doctor can know their patients’ medical data from anywhere. Healthcare mobile app development bridges the gap between the doctors and patients and opens new doors of opportunities for them. Apple is surely making a serious move towards the healthcare industry. What about you? If you want user-friendly healthcare mobile app development services, get in touch with us. We would offer the best possible solution as per your specific requirements.

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