How to Hire Mobile App Developer for First Mobile App?

In the era of new technology with new apps emerging almost every day in the mobile app development industry, getting good mobile app developer surely pose a big challenge. It becomes pretty tough to get hold of best developers in the industry with booming ideas and thoughts as per our expectations as well to make sure that the developers are capable of creating the requirements as per our thinking.

Once in a while, Steve Jobs said “Hiring The Best is Your Most Important Task” and its always be.

Are you making your first app?

Following steps are required before you hire mobile developer for your first app

Check Portfolios

As designing is an important part of building an app, try to find out more about their previous mobile apps that they have developed or designed. Make sure that UI/UX are functional and the designs are beautifully laid out. make sure that the app created by the developer are easy and pleasing for the end user to use. the simpler the app, the quicker the interface to rise in popularity. Ultimately the developer need to make your vision come true.

As practice goes, make sure before you hire any developer do their background check by consulting their previous clients to get more insight about their work. whether they are able to meet about their expectation if needed going out of their way to complete their design and apps submission in-time? are they able to return companies investment rightly? Doing first round of checking will always help not only the company but the team too.

iPhone or Android

iPhone Vs Android

As the saying goes, practice makes man perfect, make sure that whatever the app the developer is designing or going to use, see to that they are already working on that or using that mobile, for instance if they are creating on iPhone apps, they should be having one or if they are working on Android apps, they must have Android. always make sure that the candidate in in-line with other apps. Check out about the the latest trends on their respective topics/ platform, this will not only give us better idea about the technologies or apps that the outside industries are producing but also make us alert about our apps and how better we can perform in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Money Making Scheme

Making Money Scheme

Investment is always vital part of any industry or schemes when it comes to app, so before hiring an mobile app developer make sure you explain them in details how you plan to generate a new stream of revenue. If we are going for free app, certainly it will go for integrated ads, in-app purchases, or paid subscriptions. On the other side, a paid app will pay more attention on other aspects, like optimized special features or functionalities that will be worth the money what the users has shelled out. At the end of the day it is to make sure that we hire a successful mobile app developer who is not only good in designing but creates large revenue to the company.

Communication Procedures


World is becoming smaller with abundant technology and communication channels. It is important when an developer is designing they need to communicate often with the client, so make sure the mode of communication the mobile app developer prefers, whether it is through email or phones or Skype or in person? the more time they spend in communicating with the client the smoother the project flow and will help the app much better.


Payments iPhone

Finally, after designing and creating good mobile apps, payment terms needs to be addressed, some may already have pre-set payment with their clients. Others may not go for that, so come to an agreement on the price that you will be paying and make sure to solidify your payment plans before moving forward.

With Mobile industry going full swing, it can be big task to hire the right candidate. by following the simple guidelines, it will not only save time and energy but will get hold of good mobile app developer that will be perfect fit for you and your project.

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