Why is Ruby on Rails More Popular Than Django?

ROR vs Django

If you’re planning to develop a web application and confused with choosing Python’s Django or Ruby on Rails, know the pros and cons and pick the best one as per your requirements and budget. Before choosing the right framework, you need to bear in mind all the factors.

Why Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a dynamic programming language that offers great flexibility and freedom to write concise code. ROR offers lots of implicit default conventions that the developers can rely on. Though Python is easy to read and write, ROR is easier if you want to opt for pattern-matching characters.

ROR generates files and runs magic scripts and reduces the time for development. This language increases the productivity by generating code. Being a MVC framework, ROR helps to retrieve the data from models also. Rails is easier to use and hence, it is a great alternative to Django.

A quick list of features that work well in Ruby but not Python is listed below, and described in more detail here.

  • Use of blocks
  • Functional programming
  • Fragmentation
  • Hashable/ unhashable types
  • Mutable strings

Both the frameworks have large communities to support the developers and the users. There are several plugins and extensions available that help you develop feature-rich websites and applications.

Differences between Rails and Django

The major differences between Rails and Django is that ROR promotes the philosophy of convention-over-configuration and hence, the developers only need to specify unconventional parts of the application. It values expressiveness and this makes it a trusted choice of many programmers across the globe.

Ruby on Rails allows querying and renders templates also. It can be used for creating web pages and applications that gather data from the web server. Django is widely used for building complex and database-driven websites. ROR is comparatively “fast moving” as compared to the other one. Django is considered to be more conservative. You may need to maintain ROR websites and applications if you want them to run for a longer time.

Though both ROR and Django are effective web frameworks, the choice is entirely yours. Compare the features and pick the best one that suits your requirements and budget. We have a large pool of developers working on both the technologies. They would analyze your requirements and offer the best solutions at affordable costs. Contact us now and we would offer the best solution that matches your requirements.

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