This Is Your Chance Go Get Billion Dollar Cloning Apps


App Clonning

After hectic work at office, I had to rush back to my family to be part of the Halloween party, I knew it was festive season so, I didn’t waste my time standing to catch a taxi but all I did was called the taxi with the help of Uber taxi app, as I sat in taxi, I simply opened Repix apps and created picture and sent across the Halloween wishes by Whatsapp.

Before I could reach home, my task of sending Halloween wishes to all my close family friends was successful. I was relaxed to enjoy rest of my party with my family. Life has become so easy now with these mobile apps.

There are hundreds of apps which keeps coming to market globally and with the kind of apps like Tumbler, POPmessenger, Whisper and many more….. there has become demand for creating cloning apps.

Are your an Entrepreneurs?

Startups? or

A persons who has the dream of making Billion $$$ Apps?

Have a peep at some of the most common cloning apps and get it developed by expertise developers as in Space-O, which will be take you long way in making big profit.

Apps like Tinder, Swoon, Grindr Clone

It creates offline dating experience online. The App is very simple with core functionality which involves swiping through photos and brief profiles of users nearest to your location. You can all set with Space-O technological expertise and game changing attitude to revamp the whole digital dating scenario with our Tinder, Swoon, Grindr Clone, as these Clones are replete with new and advanced features that can be customized further on demand.

Offering an app that can bring in dates nearer like a Tinder, Swoon and Grindr a body floating in the air, or swapped body parts, is out-of-the-box thinking. It’s no wonder that replicating this technology is what most developers are after these days.

Replication of Repix

In world of “Selfie Age”, do you imagine yourself contributing to the mobile app world by offering a mobile photo editor that’s advanced and unique in its photo editing and sharing abilities? Repix is a state-of-the-art mobile photo editor that has inspired many app developers to replicate the concept and simulate the photo editing and sharing experience. Inspired by its success, Space-O Technologies has been able to successfully re-engineer the design and create similar apps that can change the way people look at photo editing and sharing online.
With a selection of brushes, filters, and frames and other editing tools, apps like Repix can seamlessly turn your images into masterpieces.

Ghost Lens App clone

Photo editing and sharing have become so mundane that tech companies are more focused on developing unique photo & Video apps that can add immense value to the current app market and come up with something that’s groundbreaking.

Since the advent of Ghost Lens, app developers have changed the way they look at photo and Video apps. Ghost Lens is fun and innovation wrapped in one slick mobile application that sends photo lovers into a frenzy of creativity.

Offering an app that can create illusionary effects like a ghost, a body floating in the air, or swapped body parts, is out-of-the-box thinking. It’s no wonder that replicating this technology is what most developers are after these days.

Fun your text with POPMessenger like app

In mobile age with number of apps hitting the market everyday where one likes to dive into colorful texting with various images etc, the latest app being the POPMessenger- that flaunts to allow user to briskly and effortlessly customize their texts with an endless mix of fonts, colors and background images from the Web.

This is the right time to hit with POP Messenger app clone, as this is latest in the market and getting one similar app is going to be difficult so why not take advantage of this fascinating similar apps like POPMessenger with Space-O.

Ride with Lyft, Uber like taxi apps

Uber and Lyft is a top notch taxi service app that has created a fervor among the users of cab service. Creating apps like Uber, Lyft clones has its own set of benefits. With the taxi booking app in our possession, we can include the features that are locally acceptable and demanded.

We can even introduce a larger database that would support more people from the local front
There’s nothing better than getting access to the best possible taxi service and enhancing the experience of your ride back home. Recreating the Lyft, uber taxi app experience, Space-O has developed a Lyft and Uber like passenger app that is technologically enhanced and rich with features.

App like WhatsApp Clone

The moment WhatsApp has been sold to Facebook for whopping $19 billion; it has changed the economic equations in App store as well as within the industry of mobile communication.

So, why not take great advantage of this game-changer phenomenon?

You might know that WhatsApp exploits a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

But why take the pain of getting into the lower level stuff as managing source code for such a complex social app? What if you find someone else who has got handle over such things and can make it work for you?

Too good to believe?

But you would believe when you talk to us and know how we can help create an app like WhatsApp.

Whisper and Secret like App makes it easy and anonymous

Whisper and secret apps being a completely anonymous social network, is the best place for people to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals and explore the unseen world around them. Apart from this it allows you to share anonymously one’s thoughts, stories, and feelings with the world and form meaningful relationships in the community.

anonymous social sharing apps like whisper and secret have jagged in popularity over the past few months and novice startups like Yik Yak, Erodr, and Sneeky are giving people who want to post without getting revealed. Whisper app clone and Secret apps has hit a dubious benchmark of success. Both can be cloned by Space-O as they have already cracked similar kinds of apps before too. This app which is in trend see its billion $ exist very soon.

Apps like Kik, Viber, Snapchat, and Skype etc, have marked a niche in the market

drive on this wave of Instant Messaging App Cloning and other Kik like apps for your Android / iPhones that will contribute a very precise purpose for a detailed vocation that you intend to serve.

Kik being the USA’s 7th most popular social app and is at top ranking in few other countries, having 120 million users across the globe and being a leading cross-app messenger, it helps people to move easily to text with each other.

With Kik having such popularity spread across millions, Space-O offers customized and cost effective app development options for Kik app clone, and ensures a good ROI. These clones are chock-full with new and advanced features that can be customized further on demand.

Why wait any longer, get the entire procedure of developing and executing clones of different apps that can be made in a cost effective manner. Just a click away from making more money.


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