Family Tracking Apps – Make your Life Tension Free

The rain didn’t show any sign of stopping, it was pouring cats and dogs! As the clock kept ticking my nerves were getting tight, and I was panicking. My daughter had not reached home even after several hours from her class tuition, even after so many calls to her I failed to reach her, all my attempts of calling her friends remained futile. I literally searched every corner of the street in that dreadful rain only to sink down with more tears.

Have you have ever imagined one of you could be in the situation at some point of your life, where you can break down if you lose the sight of your close ones.

This is one of the right kind of apps which the entrepreneurs, or a startup or a person dreaming of making billion $ can be fetched by having family tracking apps developed.

What exactly is a family tracking apps?

Location-sharing app allows to track your wife, husband, and children and close friends etc., as long as they have phones with them, they can be easily tracked. Most of these apps like Life 360, Securafonr, iHound, Family Tracker and Google Latitude, work much like the locator service carrier.

How does the Family tracking development apps work?

Location service provider apps are available at all device platforms. Basically, the app transmits GPS location data from smart phone. It runs in the background at all times, continuously updating the GPS location of the device. Even if the mobile is rebooted, family tracker app will inevitably resume tracking and updating its location.

Family tracker apps can be installed on iPhone/ Android and anyone who is authorized from your end can monitor the phone’s location via a web browser on another smartphone.

How will I benefit by getting the Life360, Securafone, or iHound like family tracker apps?
With iPhone and Android App development on the rise along with Windows app development, Berg Insight has estimated that more.

  • More than 70 million people across America and Europe will be using such programs to track family members by 2016.
  • Already there are 16 million number of people who use a GPS or Cellular tracking service today, smartphones will dive more of that in short time.
  • Tracking vehicles and assets are a big and growing segment in machine-to-machine communication industry.
  • Advent of cheap family tracking apps on the smartphones, means social alarm services can be expanded beyond specialized sector into the mainstream.

Get a simple, clean and intuitive family tracking apps developed with Space-O with minimal design key button like Check-in, Emergency, and Message that will benefit your users to keep the tab of their families with each other.

Space-O provides a number of additional mobile applications and developers, get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss with you on your app idea once we have a basic information. We can definitely suggest you a better one, so your vision of mobile family tracking app can be competitive with existing Life360 like app or Securafone like applications.

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