Develop Mobile Apps for School – be on your toes and tension free!

Mobile School Apps

Are you still getting paper notes to home from the school?

Did you forget to attend parent-teacher meeting?

Needed to convey important message to the Children and their parents? But failed to do in class

School was closed due to heavy storm but did not receive any intimation?

These are the most common complaint that we receive from a parent, teacher, children and School management. It is not one person who is suffering but the entire community associated with the education board.

What is the solution for this, at the age of technology?

Getting mobile app development for schools will benefit not only the school management but children, parents, teachers and community people.

Let’s get into the depth to know why to go for mobile apps for school?

Change the system of old educational methodology

School mobile Apps saves time spent on communication at schools given on any day, thereby enhances the old boring education method out of the doors and gears it up with smart mobile touch. The advantage with this is it runs on iPhone, Android with web-enabled smartphones. All that needs to be done is gear your school administration to upload the desired content without encoding, recording or decoding with much difficulty. This will enable the teacher, students and parents to get access to the relevant information in just few taps on the screen.

Saves schools monetarily

Running a School is not a piece of cake, money is critical in educational reforms. The increasing development of the smartphone technology, along with substantial cost savings, makes mobile apps for school enticing in improvising school departments. Smart mobile app technology effectively replaces the bequest e-mail systems, desktop office application suites, and IT support and infrastructure upgrades.

Academic performance can be taken to new heights

Having the advantage of mobile apps for schools – parents, teachers and students can be on the same page with reference to school calendar. Parents can get complete idea about the academic structure of their children and regular feedback from the mobile helps the parents to keep a watch on their children studies; thereby helping students to excel well in their academic performance. With constant touch of parents and teachers on the mobile apps for schools, there occur fewer disciplinary problems, increased attendance and better behavior of students on a regular school day. This leads to improved academic performance.

School apps helps in bringing together parents & teachers and lead them to effective communication

Even though technology has swamped the world, still, people demand things to be said in simple ways, the school apps should be packed with powerful sharing controls, separate login links for parents and students, easy and clear notifications, help administrators, teachers, parents and students to communicate and pool resource with each other in real time. Tab to get information on attendance/ absence sheet, chat room for teacher-students or parents, schedules about test, teacher meetings, test scores, events, or other activities, and other useful resources or information must be shared which must be updated on mobile apps for schools on regular basis.

Go Green and save environment

Technology has benefited mankind to large extent, one way is by reducing the paper writing or printing the copy, as it can be shared easily via emails, apps etc.., Educational institution being a huge branch need for paper printing is more, smartphones apps help school not only monetarily but creates positive and green environment to live in by saving lot of paper work like lessons, plans, workbooks, posters and many more enormously. This significantly reduces cost and our environmental footprint.

Creating an easy and affordable mobile app development for schools is not distant now — your mobile app development for a great school program is made easy with developer team like Space-O. Now go out there and launch your remarkable mobile app for school! Wanna get started right away? Call us at (650) 666-3071 or drop your email, we will be happy to make a fabulous app for your school.


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