Thinking of business? Get Android App for Business and Fled Your Business with Customers

Android Business App

Are you a businessman carrying visiting card holders all the time? If No you are in the right track with the technology…

Gone are the days where one used to carry a fat customer visiting card holder

Now, your customers are all in your mobile. Just a tap on your mobile, the detail just rolls in front of you. No more memorizing the numbers, you can do your business with your customers with mobile apps anywhere, any time of the day – a great game changer for any size of a business.

Smart Phones like iPhone, Android, iPad have recast the business industry. No more sitting in your four sided wall and looking into the files, reports and tasks from your cubicle, everything is in your pocket now. With the growing popularity of apps, many business want to create or go for mobile apps development to take their business further ahead.

What makes the mobile apps for business so popular, even after brands going for online presence like website, social media, microsites and blogs?

Let’s look into the issue deeper:

Brand Visibility

30% of all mobile users are now smartphone user, by the end of 2014, 1.76 billion people are expected to own and use a smartphone monthly and as per Mary Meeker’s latest report, nearly 150 times a day, people check their phones. These statistics reflects that a great number of business people from commerce to trading and payments are going for mobiles. An easy way to connect with consumers directly and drive their engagement and reliability is through a good mobile app that will help to brand your target audiences’ iPhone/ Android smartphones, a great easy access into customer insight.

Communications and Feedback

It is always nice to have a good feedback from your customer to run a successful business. The iPhone/ Android business app creates a more interpersonal relation by making one’s brand to stay on top of their customer’s mind. This is a right path to announce offers, promotion and monetize a brand on the app via push notifications.

Be a Competitor

With fierce competition, marketing plays an important role for any business to stand tall in the market. Take advantage of the mobile age and develop iPhone/Android apps for business and be on the competitive edge to boost your business.

Repeat customer & grow your business

A good brand building with good business ethics will always bounce back old customers, a good business branding can be done through incentive and beneficial customer programs like brand evangelism through your iPhone/ Android business apps. This will boost with repeated customers. Hence more financial profit will be gained, that can be monetized on your Android Business Apps/ iPhones.

Current Scenario of Android Business app or iPhone app usage  

The scenario of buying any product has changed now, unlike where people would go to the market to see things, view and then buy, but today situation is different you can view your product in your smartphones, sitting at one place and categorizing which to go for. Nearly 50% of user go for smart phones before buying any product and it is noted that around 70% of the shoppers operate the smartphones during the shopping. Definitely the iPhone or Android business app development has a potential future for the growth and many have already plunged into the development of an app to showcase their business brand.

Space-O Mobile Apps Development Services includes:

  • Mobile App Development for E-Commerce
  • Android applications for clients from US and other parts of the world has been developed & delivered
  • Mobile Apps for Location based services or GPS enabled
  • Can take up new task or work on latest mobile technologies
  • In-depth understanding of iPhone/Android apps
  • Cost-effective mobile solutions are provided
  • Payment gateways for mobile payment services
  • High-end security of data and code

About Space-O

Find out such as awesome stories of mobile app idea to life, guideline for development and many more...
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