Enterprise Mobility Solution for Banking – Ride Smooth in Banking Matters

Enterorise Mobile Banking

Findings from leading analysts, Juniper Research, the mobile banking user will exceed more than 1.75 billion by 2019, creating mobility a crucial strategic network for the banks encircling the entire set of banking operations.

Mobility that is considered a most powerful innovative technology in today’s business world, has grown not just by enabling business emails and data, but is capable of adapting to applications and services that change the way companies operate the business. Mobility has made a significant impact in many business area and one such fascinating success is seen in mobile banking solutions.

What has caused banking to change its traditional and conventional scenario over the years?

What’s impacting the growth of mobile banking?

Does the Enterprise mobility solutions for banking industry head towards a smooth ride?

These are some of the common questions majority of us would be thinking when we are handling the banking services.

Let’s get the overview of the banking mobility solutions by understanding first, what is mBanking or Mobile Banking?

With mobile in hand, adoption and usage of smart phones and tablets, has helped us to keep track of our finance that has become lot easier with mBank. Mobile banking, a browser based application that is available from any mobile device which is enabled with Secure Sockets Layer Internet access, which can be accessed
anytime, anywhere instantly.

The conventional shift to mBanking….

90% of the world population has access to mobile networks. The mobile banking which started off with cheque-book, balance inquiries either by hand written or by printing in machines, later via SMS has over the years, broadened huge part of banking operations, both internally and externally through mobile banking solutions.

With invent of mobility solutions for banking sectors, the entire process of banking has been reengineered with new models. Banks today not only use mobile devices and applications as a pathway to offer various services to customers but use it as a tool to connect within the organization. The mbanking has made the complex operations like assets management services, loan approval process and database management much easier and there is increase use of mobility solutions within these areas.

Benefits of Mobile banking solutions to the Customer & Banks For customer:

  • Easy access anytime, anywhere
  • Rich interface
  • Personalized services with unique experience
  • Easy installation with high security

For Bank:

  • Can reach customers easily with added medium to connect
  • Cost saving with fewer resources
  • Customer satisfaction – High
  • Great way for Brand building with Competitive edge

The Teamsters: 

Smartphones and Tablets going global, plays a vital role behind the mobility banking solutions. Consumers are embracing banking services on their devices as bandwidth is breezing faster. Mobile apps has become a force which is seen as a secured force to integrate with banking processes and operations, with higher ROI, productivity and more smoother communication with customers. These has made the banks to embark mobility banking solutions.

The opportunities foreseen…

Mobile banking solution not only acts as a viable medium but acts as a force to multiple channels. The advent of mobile apps and mobile devices has given innumerable value to the banks. Mobile apps are dramatically shifting mobile websites of banks with better experience and secures transactions. The bank employees can make full advantage of their mobile device by connecting and interacting within the organization through mails, messenger etc.

Technology advancement with mbanking

It not sufficient that you create a new technology, but you need to evaluate and choose from glut of technology and tool options increase your customers’ expectations by growing device types, scrappy operating systems and security requirements.

The Future…

Mobile banking which is set to stay here and expected to go beyond its current transactional role, offers tremendous value to both the customer and banks with
the mobile phones and Tablets. The swift has led many banks to seize the opportunity to adapt to Mobility Solutions for Banking Industry.

End- to-End Mobile Banking Services

With mobile banking solutions hitting the globe in big way, Space-O helps in providing enterprise mobility solutions for banking industry and consultancy with end-to-end mobile capabilities that helps to enhance customer experience, venture out new revenue streams, with minimal costs and higher operational efficiency.

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