Get your Enterprise easy with Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud computing Integration

What do an educational services, mobile apps or grocery chain have in common?

They all have Cloud.

Every organization around the globe are relying on Cloud to market, develop products or to sell. As per the research firm IDC 85% of new software’s are being built on cloud today.  Cloud integration makes sure that the applications remain integrated and the information continues to flow smoothly and securely.

As per Gartner research, the worldwide software as a service (SaaS) with 85% using the Saas application, the revenue is expected to reach $22.1 billion by 2015 and industry analyst firm predicts by end of 2016, more than 50% of global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud.

World of Cloud Technology

World of Cloud Technology

Technology keep changing its feathers and the latest one being cloud computing that enables institutions, business and entities to manage their occupational data in an easy and affordable remote places. With the entry of cloud computing services, users have found themselves flexible in creating data backups and restore all the necessary information.

Who does not like to save money, now with having cloud services, every enterprise user looks for a way to save money and reduce their reliance on internal IT functions.

When businesses decide to open an account with SAAS, they understand the purpose of multiple applications that are operating on different versions that are updated and reconciled without the new version. Without having a solid integration, getting a data becomes a problem, this is the reason why an enterprise adopt SaaS integration Application

What is SaaS?


Software as a service (SaaS) is the way to deliver applications over the internet-as a service. Rather than going for installation and maintenance of a software, one can simply access it via the Internet. SaaS is also known as Web-based software, which runs on a SaaS provider’s server. The providers manages access to the application, performance, availability and security.

SaaS is known for its technology that can be accessed with a web browser or a mobile applications. It enables them to access the required data from anywhere. Due to this feature support, cloud services are the best option for IT business.

SaaS integration service helps to integrate a SaaS in an effective way with low effort option, so choose the right integration solution – as smart integration brings greater business efficiency. On ignoring integration till the data become coherent, you will only spend time going about with the replacement solutions rather than reaping the benefits of a greater efficiency.

Why SMEs, SMBs Adopt Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing thus provides a flexible use of software and hardware resources over the internet, which can be accessed anywhere, while reducing cost. Space-O offers cloud integration services to help clients to create and operate a full-service of cloud elements, cloud-solutions including SaaS. Space-O has the universal connectivity to make it happen call us today to make is simple and easy.

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