Revolutionize Cross-Platform Testing with Xamarin Test Cloud Services

Xamarin Test Cloud

Planning to publish an app on an app store or enterprise deployment?

Want to test its functionality?

Are you still relying primarily on manual testing to deliver great apps?

Finding Hard to fix the quality of mobile app on hundreds of mobile devices and OS versions due to device fragmentation?

But not anymore, Thanks to Xamarin Test Cloud that can solve all the problems. The survey reveals that nearly 80% of mobile developers rely on manual testing in order to deliver great app experience. More than 75% felt that the quality of their mobile apps is very important.

What is Xamarin Test Cloud?

The Xamarin Test Cloud allows developers to test out their apps and programs on over 1,000 devices.. Using Xamarin framework, the developers can create their own test scripts and run them locally on devices or emulators, and at the push of the button, the test can be run on thousands of devices of real iOS and Android devices in the cloud automatically.

Enter of Xamarin Test Cloud & how testing is done?

  • Along with Calabash, the Xamarin test cloud runs, an automated framework that was built by Startup Less Painful.
  • Mobile testing in Xamarin test cloud is an ingenious product that solves a real problem for mobile developers.
  • With its help the users can easily write User Interface tests.
  • Test scripts are usually written in C#, or Ruby language. The framework boons a uniform interface to cross-platform & testing the Hybrid and native Android/iOS apps has flexibility of writing in any language.
  • The test can automate user actions, making the developers to use it practically do anything such as tapping, double-tapping, swiping, rotating, changing GPS locations, pushing physical buttons, turning on the camera, pinching and many more.

Xamarin library:

More than 1,000 devices can be chosen from the Xamarin’s library that can further be filtered by form factor, manufacturer or operating system. Hundreds of older and current devices, from phones to phablets to tablets are available in the library. While using Xamarin Test Cloud services, the developers will get detailed reports of each test, including screenshots of each step. Developers can easily view performance data like CPU, memory and much more, even the device logs and additional debugging information can be viewed.

Getting Xamarin’s test cloud services a powerful testing comes with a price and a good developer is needed. Space-O having hands-on experience developing in Xamarin’s will make your app testing with an easy and at an affordable price. Get in touch with us to talk more about mobile testing with Xamarin test cloud services.


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