Anonymous Apps like Yik Yak- Gateway to Your Business


The Wake of recent rounds of funding, Yik Yak boasted a valuation between $300 million and $400 million. source: WSJ The big valuation within such short span has made many wonder if Yik Yak messaging app, a viable long-term business? Or just a streak in the Silicon Valley skillet.

With more rise of social-media apps like Yik Yak hitting the market, which in its short time has virtually pulled users from more than 1,500 college campuses and is steadily ranking among the top 60 free apps in the Apple store.

Anonymous apps hitting the market and making billions of Dollar, its right time to get Yik Yak Clone

Why go for local social-networking app like Yik Yak?

Yik Yak a supremely popular with young people, especially college going students who like to chat and have anonymous exchange of messages which are brief, speedy with temporary communication.  Connects with people through an anonymous location based posts within a five-mile radius. Yik Yak which is making money by user to pay and get more sharing with people, is not only creating great monetary benefits, but is also attracting more users on a daily basis thereby pulling many teenagers to get hooked with apps like Yik Yak.

With the Yik Yak clone app, a user can post messages to their friends across the world. Can arrange parties, hangouts.

Yik Yak which is seen having opportunity run local deals, discounts and advertisement, which is growing the user base, it is not very far if you are planning to get Yik Yak like app developed.

Space-O is having expertise in cloning apps for iPhone and Android, can easily get Yik Yak clone apps developed for you, where you can see yourself making a huge impact in the market with millions of Dollar. Get in touch to know more about Yik Yak Cloning app development.


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