Key Steps to Create Successful Mobile Apps

Create a Mobile App

It is a fact that most of the apps lose 76 percent of their consumers within their first three months of use. With apps economy booming at an estimated annual revenue of $69.8bn in 2014 nearly 73% increase from 2012 and nearly 1.9 billion devices expected to sell before 2015, the mobile data traffic is accelerating.

With nearly 543 apps released each day for Andorid and an average of 745 apps for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch hitting the market and study by Localytics revels, nearly one in four downloaded mobile apps are never used and they are discarded, only a handful of the apps are being used by every person on a daily basis.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans, boasted its mobile success with a revenue of $892 million for 2013 and with millions of active users, with just two super games – Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Super cell cleft the winning formula in the mobile galaxy within 3 years of its company launch, and rocked the global user with its super successful games.

So what makes an app like Clash of Clans and Hay Day so different from other apps which did not make through the app industry?

There are number of reason for great execution, some of the key ingredients that determine the success of your apps are:

Construct a Great App:

Users prefer original product, it is important that the apps are original, it is easy to use and well designed, with both User Experience and Visuals. Simple app with exciting features is sure to win the user heart and if the app is good everything becomes easier.

Take Care of Your Platform-iOS & Android

It is a known thing that iPhone was the platform in the Smartphone and apps network, but with Android shipment leading the global smartphone market, with nearly 283 million units shipped and having over 84% of the market share in 3rd quarter of 2014, Android is taking the Lion’s Share. So when building an app don’t ignore Android the much happening platform in a mobile industry

Do Not Neglect Small Markets:

It is a common trend when it comes to mobile industry, people want to hit the Top 10 in the US market, but in reality see if it is really possible? It’s always easier to start from smaller market like Asia. Out of total global mobile developer population of 2.3 million individuals in 2013, Asia tops with most number of app developer citizens at 760,000 individuals followed by Europe with 680K developers and South Africa at 70K developers.

Marketing The Essence of any Product:

App like Clear app which made pre-campaign before its launch, started to get tech coverage based on it promos, teaser videos and demos even before the app hit the market. Within 9 days of its launch, nearly 350,000 copies were sold. So a well budgeted app promotion with right kind of launch campaign is necessary for any kind of app. Create an attractive banner images that will help in carrying your app to app store profile page. Use the basic essentials of stunning screenshots with catchy app description with right keywords. Never make the mistake of starting your marketing plan once an app is developed.

Track and be Strategic About Dissemination:

Working on right combination of channels is very important to catch your targeted audience. Use tracking tool to measure what happens inside the app. Make sure that your app is noticed so use right PR tools to make your app popular.

Price Matters:

Pricing makes a big driver, so monetize your app with in-app purchase, so to reach potential app user, make it free – a magical figure which every user dreams of.

Getting an app developed isn’t easy, that is the reason Space-O, a global name in app making industry, has made the mobile app development gives you an easy and integrated solution to build a sustainable online business across all platforms. Our developers have brilliant idea to your app product. Get in touch to make your app hit the market with millions of dollars.

The real question that arise is how many of these apps gets noticed in the market and how they make money?


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