Connect and Get Connected with Event Mobile Apps


People go to events for 3 reasons – to learn new ideas, to meet new people or make new deals and enjoy doing all this in the event, so if you’re going to anchor the event, your job is to tell them more about the awesome event that is going to occur, you will be needed to provide them with plenty of information and it should be all set right; but many a times it does not work like the way you plan, for instance the program is out of date before you print the information/ broaches  and that nobody cares about the giant goody bags which you needed to promote.

So what they really want is to connect with each other and they want you to make it possible in a big way, but how?

So what do u use when u want to connect with people?

Of-course it is the Smartphone or a tablet.

So why don’t you bring your event to their mobile devices through Mobile Event Apps?

Study conducted by Emobitise using survey data from 931 respondents, B2B and B2C companies, and 79% of those polled saw events as important to their business, although the figure was just 68% for B2Bs, with number 1 reason for events was seen as to educate.

Adoption rate of mobile event apps in the meetings and events industry are spiraling. The B2B companies usually spend nearly 20% of their budgets on marketing, and on an average nearly 5 separate promotional methods are used to market an event, and only 11% of events are marketed via blogs, with emails being the most popular marketing strategy.

With the overall growth of the mobile technology the entire way of communication or dealing the business has been revolutionized, gone are days when one used to hand out the business cards, the meetings and events industry has been inundated with innovative mobile event application to improve the productivity from operation of events to the planners themselves.

The mobile event app is an excellent way for the industries to stay in touch with the latest event developments. Registered delegates or attendees participating in the event will have one-stop access to crucial dynamic information that gives them to make most of their time in the event a successful one. From getting a sense of venue with the help of venue maps, can easily and quickly plan their sessions, and can quickly plan their schedules so that they can know exactly where to go, they can search nearby features, and they can fill up their survey right after the event from their mobile application via in-app surveys and attendee-to-attendee networking via virtual contact card sharing.

Well now with Space-O Technologies, you can easily get a mobile event apps developed. We helps you to convert an amazing experience of your event  by putting some simple interactive tools right in the palm of the attendees hands, here there is no need to print or communicate your old note. Schedules changes and notifications push instantly with their smartphones or tablets instantly.

The best part with the event mobile app feature you can connect every one of your events the ways you can, like guess contact with one another or interact with speakers, ask questions, create conversations, initiate prompts to get the contact, or participate in games and with quick mobile the conversation can continue longer even after the event is over, which means they can get to do the awesome event, new awesome event contact and make the new deal contact like never before, with this access you will have plenty of data to know what is working and want isn’t, so next year your biggest problem would be finding a bigger venue.

We help our organizer to build a massive and highly detailed record of every aspect of their attendee’s behavior at your custom built event mobile app. Your app’s analytics platform will not only give you the data on the effectiveness and ROI of your mobile app, but will give you a detailed part of your events and the strategies of how they did. Why wait any longer to get an app developed about mobile event app, get in touch with us and make millions by developing an event mobile app.


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2 Responses to Connect and Get Connected with Event Mobile Apps

  1. Alex Smith says:

    Event Mobile Apps are the necessary thing in today’s world.


  2. Space-O says:

    Yes Alex,

    Event apps are solved lot of problems which people usually felt in almost all events. Can you share the best events apps, you’ve gone through?


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