A Beauty Salon Owner – Who Wants to Be A Millionaire!

Beuty Salon and Spa Mobile Apps

Almost everyone wants to have a new look, whether it is just a kitty-party or a wedding, people want to hit the beauty salon to have a complete makeover of themselves, from hair to toe, they want a perfect new look.

So, you are running a famous beauty salon & Spa?

But,  there is something which you are constantly missing, which every Salon entrepreneur, dreams of Getting awarded for the best Beauty Salon?

Imagine, than 500% more of your clients have got your message about your beauty Salon award & there is a tremendous increase of your clients, then how will you handle those appointments?

Be a MillionearSo, if you are serious about getting those awards with more clients,  it is time to get technology kick started at your missing business name to the next level now…

What would your sales be like, with mobile app for beauty salon & SPA?

You can get in more clients and profits,  you can reach your clients with special offers, coupons, daily deals…

All these can be accomplished by just getting your own Custom Mobile app for beauty salon & SPA, developed by Space-O.

We all are on our mobile 24*7/365 days, nearly 500m+ Android phones and 300m+ iPhone devices have been activated, there are nearly a billion mobile devices out there.

With well-designed beauty salon apps developed by us, you can directly engage your customers in a way that will integrate with your business into their daily routine and create amazing loyalty & retention, which will naturally increases your business success.

The mobile beauty parlor apps are specifically designed to help you to connect with your clients through some of the below features:

  • Your clients can easily book their appointments with you in seconds
  • With an interactive appointment request, your client can send an appointment request at any time & you can actively respond to them by confirming an appointment that is directly entered into their calendar
  • Provide them with reminder notifications
  • You can give complete service listings just by one touch dialing
  • You can inform your clients about your promotions, coupons & great special deals
  • You can take them through beauty tips & give regular updates about your beauty salons
  • With mobile apps for salon, the clients can record the kind of beauty treatment that they went, lets them to know the open and expiry date of their treatment and accordingly they can plan their next beauty treatment
  • Turn by turn interactive directions and maps
  • Direct link to social media, where your client can connect with Facebook & Twitter

Keep your clients engaged with your business and give them creative ideas about your professionalism hairstyle images and other beauty style images for the next time they come in.

In Space-O, we believe in effective listening to your regular communication in your project management, product quality and ethical approach to do business, we offer apps for iPhone and Android hairdressing apps, Skin and beauty salon apps and lot more. Get in touch with us to reach your clients instantly, and get them to spend more with you, more often and we will be glad to do a beauty salon app to do so.


About Space-O

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