Kill Instagram and Facebook, Using Versatile Photo Apps

Our lives are getting surrounded by SNS (Social Networking Sites), on a daily basis. With the need to grow; personally and professionally on these sites, we strive for perfection in all the pictures we upload. But by using the photo apps we can establish our personality strongly and get liked and followed.

Photo Editing AppsClick! Post! Click Again! Post Again!
And then?

Wait desperately for about a thousand likes and comments to appear. And if any friend of yours acts over smart and tries to tell you that you look fat? Solemnly swear to get him killed.

What with the dominance of social networking sites in our lives, these are the thoughts that come to our mind; all day.

But what if I tell you that there is another way of getting popular on Facebook and Instagram, which does not include getting your witty friends killed?

Yes! As unbelievable as it sounds, an easily downloadable iphone or android app, is the answer to your ‘frequently asked questions.’ Photo editing apps are the trend of today and one of the major reasons for that is the craze for getting more likes and followers as compared to your friends’.

App developing companies on the other hand are keeping up to the expectations of the users and are providing you with apps that have different features, options and outlook or aim.

photo editing apps

Poster Boy,’ is one such app, created by a leading mobile app solution providing company, Space-O Technologies. Retro look, songs and movies are imprinted  in our minds. But now you can make yourself look as if you have teleported yourself back to the 1900s, with the help of Poster Boy. This app allows you to use vintage characters, shapes, banners and fonts, of your choice, amongst many other options made available to you. Go Retro and rock on SNS (Social Networking Sites).

‘Square Sized’ is as modern an app as any; launched to shorten and simplify the procedure of uploading pictures on Instagram. Completely different from Poster Boy and yet it can gain you much popularity on SNS. It allows users to utilize diverse options such as rescaling the picture that fits into a square, adding borders on each side of the photo without losing any part of the picture and adding text & overlay with easy resizer that is Insta-perfect.

What with the mania for making believably perfect photos for SNS, these photo editing apps are thriving in the apps market and Space-O’s expertise in this field gives us an upper hand in constructing sundry photo apps. Not only that but we filter our apps from a dual perspective technique which means that first, we look at the opinions and priorities of the clientele and then from the point of view of a user. The result, obviously, is a user-friendly app as the ones described above.

So what?
Well… Click! Post! Click Again! Post Again!

But this time take your pics to another level altogether, with the help of apps which will elevate your quota, of likes, to an all time high.

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