Small or Big; Every Business Should Develop A Mobile App

Apps for BusinessIt is time for small businesses to take command and find their problems’ solutions through apps.

It is a commonly believed that apps or mobile applications are tools that can be used only by big companies or already established enterprises. That is never the case and if you think so then you are mistaken.

As PR Newswire noted in its article, “ Fifteen percent of small businesses have a mobile app, and another 18 percent are considering developing one in 2015 or later, according to a survey conducted by Clutch…” Another survey, as stated by  Colloquy, finds small businesses use mobile apps for customer loyalty. This article by Colloquy added that “three-quarters (76%) of small businesses are using mobile apps as a way to improve the customer experience, according to a recent digital marketing survey.” Also, according to Business Administration Information, “Half of business owners said not knowing how to build a mobile app was the biggest barrier to creating one, while nearly one-quarter (23%) said they were too busy their business to maintain one.  Twenty-two percent said developing a smartphone app was too expensive.”

The reason why these quotes and surveys are being repeated in one article and another is that, there is a need for small business to wake up, take command and make apps of their dreams to grow themselves and to make their customers happy.

How Can Small Businesses be Benefited by Mobile Apps?

Earn Money: With the help of an app you can get yourself more and more business from people who may have interest in your products or services but had no idea that a company like yours existed. On the other hand that if you have made an app for your company then you can put it in the App Store, Google Play or iTunes and claim a certain price for every app you download. This can become your side earning.

Increase Your Already Existing Pool of Customers: People who are interested and who deal in your industry will search for related apps, download it and add to your customer base apart from the local customers.

Publicize Your Services/Products: Needless to say, the app itself serves as the promotional medium for your business. As people download your app they also get to know about the services and products you sell. So this app also helps you in showing off your products.

Whether you are a cafe or you are a hand-loom business, your returns will only increase in case you create an app for yourself.

You may be a startup in your area itself or you may be a slowly growing company. You may be anything and anyone, anywhere and in whichever industry, an app can be your salvation.

Here are previously written articles on startups that can help you:

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  2. Step two: Once you have taken the decision to make an app for your company, here are some tips to guide you through this second phase of your journey.
  3. Create your own success story: Take inspiration from this startup, Heylets, and prepare to be next.

Do not just sit there watching other people’s progress. Combine your forces with Space-O as it is your young business’ startup app, you have to make it a special one.


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