Why is Facebook the Brad Pitt of Mobile App Industry?

Facebook App Main Image

Facebook! The name itself is enough to invoke in us the visuals of 100+ likes, 15 and more comments, may be a few personal messages and thereby tons and tons of notifications. Isn’t notification the standard by which you can know how popular you are on FB?

Somehow most of our day is filled with talks of social networking sites/apps and amongst them, Facebook takes most of our time. We know that FB is important for us but why and how is a question we don’t even think of asking. While most people have just accepted this state of being, Space-O thought of asking; WHY?

It is pretty much known to everyone that between WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, the top charting apps’ position keeps on swapping between one to three, making each of them a top charting app on each and every OS.

However, most people have stopped questioning as to why is Facebook still ruling and becoming the most downloaded app in Android and iOS. Why is it a highly used website even after the completion of 11 years.

Here’s Why: Since its birth in 2004 facebook has been playing smart. It is playing Simple yet complicated. Here are some ways in which facebook has retained its position at the top.

Sensing User Needs: Facebook has a strong team that works on understanding  what the user needs. From changes in the templates, to changes in the nuances while also introducing the timeline feature. Facebook has never been stationary. It has always been on its toes, trying to get a hang of what its users like. Only by doing that it has been able to keep to the front of the line, even now.

Constantly Updating: While by 2014, Facebook had surprised iOS users by asking them to wait for Facebook updates in every 4-8 weeks; now, in 2015, that period has now been shortened to 2 weeks. While there are people who are pretty irritated with the updates every two weeks, most people are happy. People have already had fantastic experiences with Facebook and they are waiting for more.

From HTML5 to Native: Facebook had recently announced their shift from the HTML5 platform to Native. In Mark Zuckerberg’s words, ““The biggest mistake that we made as a company is betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native because it just wasn’t there…since we’ve done the iOS app we’ve seen double the amount of feeds people consume.”

While Native gives a very user friendly experience with any app, even Facebook couldn’t resist the change. Not to mention this step had been taken to make sure each and every FB user gets to use their mobile phone device to the fullest, because the app is made in the Native platform.

Facebook Pays Full Attention to FB App: Facebook had obviously been launched as a website and had a tremendous response even on that platform. But then, comes the part wherein they launch the FB app, keeping in mind the new trends of the day. The Verge adds, “ And of the 1.32 billion people who use Facebook each month, 399 million, roughly a third, only log in with their phones.” Cutting the long story short, Facebook has always been able to know which is the right path for them to travel on and these decisions have payed off to its fullest. It’s simplicity makes the app exceed expectations.

Mark Zuckerberg Quote

This quote by Mark Zuckerberg makes the philosophy adopted by Facebook clear. Facebook has set up an example for others to follow. While others are trying to match up to facebook’s’ level, they are failing miserably.

The best part of this is that the brand has now become the product. What does it mean?  It means that social networking sites/apps are many. But nowadays everyone calls social networking sites/apps by the name of Facebook. Its is almost like the replacement of the term photocopy by the brand name Xerox.

This is all from Space-O’s side today, about Facebook. However, we will keep in touch and keep you updated on more IT related news. You can see more blogs by Space-O. Adios.


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