Space-O Launches New Website On Its 5th Anniversary

#On2ndJuly, 2015

Space-O Technologies with its perseverance and dedication has now completed 5 years of success rendering, as a leading mobile apps development company. This year Space-O celebrated the 2nd of July very differently.

We have launched a brand new and innovative website.

Making sure that everything turns out to be perfect and taking a year to do so, we have left a mark on our history. Keeping in mind innovation, originality as well as the style we represent, this website has now become the new face and the new identity of the culture and work that Space-O stands for.

This website is made with great care in order to make sure that the user feels comfortable, while surfing on it. Using appropriate technology, we have made 500+ pages for this website, and the most interesting fact is that each page is designed differently. Every layout and template for every page is created with a unique idea in our minds.

The focus has actually been UX and UI including improved view, being mobile device friendly and having rich content. This website can help you with the perfect solution to the perfect query.
Space-O New Website
Spare a look at the brand new face of Space-O Technologies

Change is constant”. Keeping this in mind, Space-O has vowed to keep the website updated regularly. It’s our aim to reform the ways of assisting clients and visitors in an extraordinary manner.


About Space-O

Find out such as awesome stories of mobile app idea to life, guideline for development and many more...
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