Fun Facts on Mobile Usage; That Will LOL You

Mobile users, today, generally have their smartphones with them all the time and everywhere. From marriages to funerals and from classes to hospitals. Everywhere and in every situation smartphones turn out to be a constant companion.

While phone calls may be its primary use, smartphones are used to its maximum in apps. Chatting apps, music apps, games, social networking apps and more. These are just a few generic categories of apps that are used more while the mobile phone is employed these days.

But we have so got used to the presence of that omniscient presence of phones that we end up using them at the weirdest of all places and situations.

Which category do you belong in?

(1) While watching movies: This may not seem very awkward to you, because we all do it. But to those whose eyes have just adjusted to the darkness of the theatre, this is a crime.

(2) While in the loo: Yes! Do not be grossed out. There are people who use their mobiles instead of their brains while in the loo. I guess we will leave it there, without spreading anymore shit.

(3) While in the driving seat: Oh yes. They are the ones behind those mass car crashes. The phone addicts that can barely keep one hand on the steering wheel, while the other is whirring away on the screen of the touch phone.

(4) While in an interview: I guess I don’t have to mention they remain unemployed for the rest of their lives.

(5) While in a date: Couples who have to spend ‘some quality time together,’ do so with their respective smartphone. One can easily say they are on a double date; each with its own mobile.

(6) While in Church: So then come the folk who worship the god of mobiles; Smartphones, even at religious places like churches, temples and mosques. All we have to say is, “God Bless You.”

Here, at Space-O, we understand at cherish your love for mobiles, which increases day by day, because of brilliant apps, that we make. These were the fun facts, where people use their mobile phones. Hope you enjoyed them.

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Comment down below, the places you have been using the mobile phones.

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