Buy Or Build Apps? You Can Now Get The Answer!

Buy or Build Apps

Without exaggerating, this fact can be established, that this dilemma, of whether to buy or build apps, has been eating away at startups’ hearts. This very indecision, has been causing the deaths of many start ups. However, until now there have been mere discussions and no more. But now, here and today, comes the time to bring out a solution that actually helps.

There are pros and cons of every idea that is pitched in the market. The trick is to find the one which has less flaws and loopholes as compared to the other one.

Buy Apps:

  1. While buying apps may seem to be the easier option amongst the two, it is important to find out how fruitful does it prove.
  2. Buying an app is less costly as well, which basically means that using some or no money, a firm can directly download an app, of their choice.
  3. It takes a long time for one to actually find a perfect app, that matches all the criterias of the company required. So it takes a lengthy process to find the app that matters the most.
  4. It may be impossible to find the app of your dreams, as one app may have one feature and the other app may have another, while you want both the features in one app.
  5. Employees may have to use an app they may not be comfortable with or an app app that takes a lot of time to learn.

Build Apps:

  1. It may be expensive as compared to the other option available.
  2. It requires a lot of versions and editing, as compared to the app bought, as the app bought is someone else’s property and thereby their responsibility, to keep it updated. When you make an app, it becomes your own property and you have to keep on updating it.
  3. However, just one app will become the solution to your multiple problems. All the needs of your employees get answered in one app.
  4. As this is your own personal app, it is easy to maintain secrecy and privacy. There are less chances of intellectual theft taking place. You can decide who to trust with which level of security and  who to entrust with your password.
  5. You can decide which other apps you want to integrate your app with, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Facebook login and more.

While people can still debate upon which of the two they should choose, we may still suggest that building your own app is a better option. It gives you full freedom to make sure what kind of app you want to use and want your employees to use too.

If these reasons are not enough then take a loot at both the options, Buy or Build Mobile Applications, that discusses the matter in a greater detail helping you decide your stand.

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