Building a Billion Dollar App

Building a Billion Dollar App
Making an app, that people immediately fall in love with it, and that it earns a billion and more, is dream that a lot of people dream about, but it never gets fulfilled. However, now there is a solution to this problem.

The right way to start is to ask the question, what does it take to make a great app? Or why do some app make a billion and more while others don’t.

Here are some of the things that you should take care of:

  • Make it User Friendly
  • Clean GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Keep Complications to the minimum
  • Should meet the End Users’ needs, at any cost
  • Should be easily navigable and the users should be able to reach the page they want to reach in a few clicks.

While these are important points, there are somethings that are inevitable. Somethings you can’t compromise with, ever.

Hear Hear, as these golden words will not be repeated!

The Idea (Meeting End Users’ Needs)

First and foremost, it is important that the idea is liked by the target audience. If your app is brilliant but the users don’t need it, then there is no point to it and it won’t be well used. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that is there a market need for the kind of app you are making. Will your app be able to meet the needs of the end users and if not then the success of this app may end up being on stake. It must be your prime responsibility to make sure your app is based on an idea that has a requirement in the market.

Selecting Platform

While making a brilliant app is very important, it is also important that the right OS is chosen to launch the app as well. Whether it is iOS or Android or Windows, or all three, it is essential to list down criterias based on which you can make a choice at the end of the day. it has to depend on which OS does your target audience use. This choice can make or break your app. Well these days, this shouldn’t be an option to choose which OS to go. An app developed should be available in all the platforms.

After OS, the next confusion comes whether to go native or cross-platform app development depending upon how many OS are you planning to target. Both have their own pros and cons. But going native might be a wise decision to give the end-users best app experience. Cross-sectional might be a cheaper and easier option, but not the right one at all.

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Development Company

Once you have got the idea on what kind of app do you want to make, comes the decision on whether to build an in house team or outsource the app. It is very important for you to ponder about that. However, outsourcing apps has its own benefits. You need less infrastructure which means less expense, on your part. Also, you need a professional team to make your app brilliant. One of the other positives of outsourcing your app is that you get to choose the team that has the best experience, that is reliable and that is spoken for. This way you can basically get more returns on less investment.


There are still people who think, “you build it and they will come.” Sorry to prick the bubble, but they won’t. While the development phase is very important, your marketing strategies should never be forgotten. Without that it is almost impossible to make your app a billion dollar one. This might come as a shocker, but good marketing can even make an average app look great. While even a brilliant app won’t work, without the efforts in a marketing field.

These are the four most important points that decide the fate of your app’s success. But even so, it depends on you and your choices that finally makes this app successful. If you have any other issues related to cost estimation, then you can Contact Us for a free quote. We can also provide 30 minutes free consultation, on any more or detailed doubts you may have.
We have created 1500+ apps in five years, amongst which 20+ are top charting ones. Trust Space-O to be the solution to each of your problems.

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