Apps Are Becoming Crutches For The Startups To Rise To Glory

Startup Rising

Well as they call it, startups are very much the heart and soul of industries these days. Every big enterprise was once a small startup that took one step after another to be what they are today. However, according to a research, most of the Startups do not even last till 3 years before shutting down.

So what is it that makes some of the startups turn into billion dollar companies?

In the past few months we had written a few articles on startups, trying to single out issues, small and big, and try to give solutions or answers to the same. Compiling those articles, here is an ultimate solution page to all those startups who doubt their survival.

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This philosophy is very important to follow if you want to make your startup, a successful story.

First of all these are some basic advices for your startup:

  1. Think Bigger: It is important that you don’t limit yourself to one idea or another. Combine a couple of ideas, keep a few back up ideas.
  2. Watch and Learn: No one can be perfect and as a startup it is important that you, take help, read and research, get inspired, ask help from people, share your ideas with others, take second opinion and more. Without that it is impossible to get a grip of the scenario at all.
  3. Cover the loopholes: Once these two things are taken care of, it is possible that you might think your idea is not going to work. Don’t chuck it. Between this time period it is possible for you to identify the possible bugs and cover them up. It is possible you may not be able to find a better idea anyway.

But what do you need to make your startup work? Here are some Fabulously Mind Boggling Steps To Achieving A Great StartUp

  1. Brilliant Idea: It is important to have a brilliant idea, upon which you can build your startup. It is not just important to have an idea. To develop it well is important as well. Once the development of the idea is done as well, it is important to value its worth in the market and make sure it is worth it.
  2. Market Analysis: Once the idea has been tested on the standards of its importance, it is also important to study the market as well. Does the market need your product/ services. If it does, then are there more than required providers of that product/service. If yes then there is no point in implementing the same idea, except if you are trying to bring out something additional to the same product.
  3. Preparatory Stage: Once you have decided that you want to go ahead with the same plan, then that is where this stage comes. Earlier you have done a shallow research of the market. Now you need to do an in depth survey taking samples from people who use products of the kind you are going to make. Post that you need to ask them about their user experience with that product and what all they think should be added if a similar product/services are introduced in the market. Based on that research material collected you need to add and subtract features in your product, to make it user friendly. You may also need to make a basic database of customers who may be interested in buying your product.
  4. Plan: This is a much simpler stage wherein you must establish the identity of your company, including the look, logo, name and office. It must have website of more to make sure all the questions of the users are answered.
  5. Implement the Plan: While the plans have been made, then comes the time for the plan to be implemented, step by step. There is nothing else to be said for it.

Mobile apps have been the sure shot answer to every startup problems. Here is why?

  1. Mobiles are everywhere: It is possible that someone may not reach your website on time but they will surely reach an app, if you try hard enough. Especially because an icon in going to land right on their home page. Which means that you can establish direct connection with your audience, simply with an app.
  2. Make the impossible, possible: It is almost not possible for a startup to gain fame and success at the very beginning. With an app, smartly used, even this impossibility may be achieved.
  3. Smartphone to your rescue:  Smartphone has always been able to solve problems and it will do that for your too. An appealing application will sweep all your problems away.

Startup Quote

While efforts to make your startup successful must stay up and about, it is also important for you to try and consider the possibilities of failures. Without being negative about it, just be aware about the questions on  Why Mobile App Strategy Fails in Business Startups

  1. Why Are You Making an App? It is important that you do not make an app just because every startup is or because you ‘think’ it will work. There a need for you to legitimize an app making process, for your startup, and know if you really need one. If you make an app, without any rhyme or reason, then it may not solve the purpose. So, don’t get swayed, think and then decide.
  2. Buy Apps or Build Apps?  Between the two, there has always been a confusion. But now is the time to shove away that question as there is only one answer. Build an app, of your own accord and of your own need, without adding extra features or money.
  3. Native or Cross-Sectional app?  It is a phenomenon accepted worldwide now that native apps serve the purposes it is required to serve also allowing the users to have a good UI/UX.
  4. Executing the launch of the App, without having the Required Skillset? Well, when there is an attempt to make an app with the in-house development team, it is possible that the apps may not be that great. The reason for this is that the in-house team may not have that wide experience and may not be able to think out of the box. WHile outsourcing the work may show you great results.

Most people end up choosing the easier path as compared to the right one, in the above mentioned cases. This is why most of the app strategy fails in startups.

Myths have made their space in every theory and practice and it has done so in case of the startup apps as well. If one does not get above these myths then may be they will drown in them even before they have begun to swim. Here are some myths one needs to beware of:

  1. Innovation = Originality
  2. You Need Bucket-load of Money to Start a Startup
  3. If You Build It Well, The Customers Will Come
  4. Shhhh up! Don’t Let Your Idea Get Stolen
  5. If you fail, you take a final bow to the industry and Exit

So, Break Free From The Startup Myths That Chain Your Great Startup.

Startups are the heart and soul of industries. Make sure you don’t end up experimenting with your startup. Keep all of this in mind and you are good to go.

Apps are being an important part of the change that startups are bringing and yet most people aren’t even fully aware of it. For that very reason, we are here. Space-O Technologies, has provided solutions in the form of more than 1500 apps. With our experience and expertise we can provide solutions to your startup related problems as well. Talk to us.

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