Integrate Skype API into Website and Mobile App

Skype API

Skype has had many uses since its birth in  August 2003. From free video call revolution to easy chat option and from accessibility to ease in use it has never been out of the league of users’ minds. Even as it is, 12 years later, the importance of Skype has not decreased. Instead Skype has made sure that it stays on the right track and never goes out of date. Keeping their tradition intact, they have recently introduced the feature of integrating Skype API into website and mobile app.

Have you edited a photo? Wanna show it to your friends on Skype? Do not go through the procedure of saving, attaching and then sending the photo on your Skype account. Directly share your photo using the Skype API.

Just created a video on a video app? Or saw the video that will make you laugh in your dreams too? Want to share it with your friends on Skype? Then do not wait to copy the URL and then to paste it in your skype account. Just share it on your Skype account using the Skype API.

With Skype making its API available, developers can make apps that can be directly linked with skype, which means that you can now share your songs, images and much more, without effort. Click on the share button, choose Skype and your process of sharing is done.

This was all about user experience. Now lets look at the effects these changes will have on the people who want to develop apps:

User Friendly: With this feature added to your app, it becomes very easy for the users to operate the app and share the experiences. This rule especially applies if the app that you have or are going to develop is a photo, video, music app.

Added Feature: The affiliation of Skype API in your mobile app can also be an added asset, due to its user friendly nature,that this may become the reason why your app may be chosen as compared to other competitors app.

Bonus for Skype Lovers: As mentioned earlier, Skype has been an old favourite for a lot of people who, for official or unofficial purposes. There are many groups of people who have not been able to let go of skype and if an app like yours can give them this kind of an experience then their loyalty towards you is forever.

As hi-fi as it may sound, it is an easy task for the expert developers of Space-O. We understand the value of your app, whether it be your first app with us or 12th we will never stop surprising you. Let’s Talk and actualize your dream app.

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