Drivemode App for Android Will Save Lives; For Free

Drivemode App for Android
Drivemode app, leaving its beta tag behind, is creating a hullabaloo in the market, positively. With enticing and intriguing features and maximum utility, Drivemode app is making driving safer and saving lives at the same time.

Considering the name of the android app ‘drivemode’ you might be thinking that this app is all about the maps application, showing you where to go and which road to take. Well, sorry to disappoint you or should we say, be happy that you are disappointed as this app addresses a lot of issues related to driving and using mobile.

The Maps

Drivemode MapsThe first and very basic feature as expected is the maps. Using apps like Google Maps and Waze, the Drivemode app directs you to go wherever you may want to go. Also, you may save favourite locations in the app like home, office and more. Before starting the app, you can select the location, if it has been saved in favorites and off you go.

Above and beyond that, if a message arrives in your phone with an address, this smart app understands that this is where you need to go and automatically sets the location. Also, while on the drive, the app designs the map in an animated,bold, zoomed and colourful manner which means that you barely even need to look at the phone to see the phone fully to know where to go next.

Adding to that, comes the feature wherein a voice will constantly keep on guiding you through the road and that means the only sense you need to use in this activity is your ears.

The Music

Drivemode MusicOh Yes! The Drivemode app does that too. Being affiliated to apps like Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify; drivemode can play your favourite songs for you. No changing song after song manually, and no looking at the phone. All you need to do is swipe down from the map mode and select the music mode, play and you are on. It is easy to start and brilliant to listen to.

Messages & Phone Calls

Drivemode CallsThe expression on your face is almost imaginable and believe me it’s funny. No don’t worry, even we know that using mobile while driving is toxic. And we are not going to make anyone do that. So, calls come without warning but are you going to busy your hand with picking it up and then putting it on speaker while also trying to speak as loud as you can to make the other person hear what you are saying. Nope! With Drivemode, picking up calls and talking becomes easy, all you have to do is click on either the red area or the green and Kaboom! You can start talking.

It is almost irresistible to hear a message tone and not pick up the phone to say, “Hey! I’m drivin. ttyl…” But Drivemode has solutions for all sort of problems. All you need to do is swipe, and an automated message will be said loudly; you do not even have to spare a look. All you need to do is keep swiping until you find the right message and then click and the message reaches the designated destination in no time.

Is it Safe?

The Drivemode Android App has taken care of all the mobile and car driving related issues and one of them is this. When we use apps like google map and a call comes, we are as good as lost as the map screen is hidden. But with Drivemode, whether you are attending a call or listening to music, the screen with directions will never disappear, it still shows in the background. That is just incase you have the habit of looking at the phone even if the instructions are relaid. Plus, the design of this app is such wherein even if someone may want to take a look at what is happening on the screen, they don’t have to take their eyes off the road because you only need your peripheral vision to do so.

This app has so many plus points that even after being a newbie in the Google Play Store it is being talked about in the Tech Industry. Have a look at the video from below to see the app in action.

Making apps like that need perseverance and imagination. If you want to make a similar app or apps for other industries, all you need to do is bring your imagination and we will add our perseverance. Talk to us and get an overall solution to all your app related issues.

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