What are Some Good Video Editing Apps for Android?

Video Apps

A lot of attention has already turned towards the photo and video apps, especially considering the craze of the Social Networking Sites.

Take a video; cut it, crop it, edit it, take a still and more. If all of this can be done on mobile phones why would anyone go beyond that to use computers? While iOS’s AppStore or iTunes has homed a lot of video editing apps that have a reputation of their own, Android is struggling. And therefore the birth of such questions even happens. Here is Androids’ answer to your distrust.

7 Video Editing Apps for Android, that have made Android Proud:



Available on both; iOS and Android, Magisto is a video editing apps that allows all sorts of basic features like editing , trimming and transitions. It also gives the space for adding music or editing sound effects in any video given. It is available free of cost in the Google Play Store.



While AndroVid has a cluttered UI which does not make the user experience brilliant, it does have all the features any video editor must have. It allows you to cut, edit a video and also take a still from anywhere in the video. Other than this, one can trim the video, which means that you can select a certain part of the video and then trim the rest of the video; you have the part you want.

“And finally, AndroVid has options for rotating videos and converting them to a different size, format or quality,” says ComputerWorld.



A free Android app, VidTrim works towards making videos trimmer and crisp. Using this app you can cut and edit videos, merge videos, cut- delete- rename the videos and at the end of the day share videos too. This is an all-rounder app and therefore popular amongst the Android users.

KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro

This is an app that is as professional as it goes. From minutest of all tasks to the biggest challenges posed to it, the KineMaster Pro is capable to professionally handle it all. From trimming, to cutting and to finally slicing the video in two or more halves can very easily be done by the KineMaster Pro. Other than that, this app allows you to play with videos, images and songs as well. While this is somehow the very best video editing app, the issue with this is that it is compatible only with a few devices and only a few versions of the Android OS.



While the GoPro Camera are as famous as they get in capturing videos, they were becoming a bit of a nuisance, because the videos could not be edited. Now, with the GoPro app, one can edit the videos and perform all the basic functions before sharing it with anyone.



VidGrid is an innovative app, designed by Space-O Technologies itself. How is it unique? It falls into the category of photo and video editing apps. Yes! Both together. Using this app you can share videos and images together, fitting them in the same layout and then sharing them on social networking sites. In and within that layout, one can add frames, trim the videos, choose a layout and more.



Socialcam is an app that allows you to record and shoot videos, for as long as you like. Without any sort of a restriction you can keep shooting until your phone dies. Also, while shooting the video, Socialcam gives you the freedom of being able to use vintage style filters as well.

The Social Media Craze

Photos and videos are a very important part of the lives of human beings belonging to the 21st century. It is obviously because of their use in the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. The craze for Social Networking sites is increasing every day and every day more and more people from gen X, Y and Z are joining the aisle to becoming popular via these sites. In this race to be better than the rest, the photo and video apps are playing an important role.

However, understanding the trend, if you want to make a photo and video app, then talk to us, and together we will make an app that burns the floor.

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