10 The Best Restaurant Apps In U.K.

U.K.'s Famous Restaurant Apps
Well this is an address to the foodies of U.K, and even as it is, this address can not be complete without the mention of Doctor Who! yes! This is an article on famous restaurant apps in U.K.

But this beginning seems more apt and appropriate. So, Doctor Who! Do you remember the first episode of the 4th season of Doctor Who, called ‘Partners in Crime?’ I am sure you do. Then you must remember this conversation between Foster and the journalist, named Penny.
PENNY: What sort of a country do you think this is?
FOSTER: Oh, it’s a beautifully fat country. And believe me, I’ve travelled a long way to find obesity on this scale.

Well as Doctor Who is a U.K based T.V. flick so it is obvious you by now know that the above mentioned dialogue is meant for U.K itself. The British, as they say, have a deep connection with food and tea.

Restaurants Changing their Routes

Many of the restaurants are now turning towards mobility, all over the world. That is because barely anyone wants to make their clients go through the dreadful experience of giving order on phone or going to the restaurant and getting the food packed. This is when restaurant apps play the biggest role ever.

As mentioned above, U.K. is known for its foodies. And to make good service and food the restaurants must grow above and beyond the consumer’s expectations.

Restaurants who walked that extra mile and created Restaurant Apps

Starbucks: Starbucks
Anywhere you are, I am sure you know Starbucks. Starbucks is one such restaurant everyone visits it atleast once. Well a Starbucks app just makes it even better. While you can obviously view menu and order food at home; here are the two features that anyone will love. Firstly, the multiple payment options, which includes payment even on the app. You do not need cash to eat at starbucks. Plus Whenever you make a transaction using the app, you immediately collect reward points, that benefits you in future.

Five Guys:Five Guys
A recently opened restaurant in U.K is the hero of U.S. Though expensive the food Five Guys serve is yummy and that is enough for hungry tummies. Using the app, anyone place an order for a time in the near future like 6:30 in the evening or so. The app allows you to make your own customized burger by allowing you to choose the toppings. Also, you can pay in advance, while placing the order, using app itself.

Domino’s Pizza:Domino’s Pizza
For those who think pizza and cheese, Domino’s is their favourite brand. The Domino’s Pizza app allows you to find the nearest branch and order amongst the pizza given in the menu or create your own customized exotic one. Once the order has been placed you can pay from the app itself. The pizza will be delivered at your home. using the app you can track the order and see where the delivery has reached.

A brilliant restaurant, Chipotle app is even better. While also ordering the food and/or customizing it, you can go to Chipotle to find it ready for you. You can pay for the food when you reach the restaurant for picking the food up. The new feature in the app is that while you choose the food you want to order, they show you the nutrients of the food and calories too. (Also available for Apple Watch)

A restaurant chain that has its origins in Britain from the beginning, has made eating pizza, an easier job. Using the app you can book a table at any PizzaExpress branch and then pay via the app using Paypal, debit or credit card. Also you can order for takeaways making less mess than phone calls. After every transaction on the app, it automatically generates coupons that can help you the next time.

It is unnecessary to say, McDonalds rules the world and U.K is also a part of that world. While the McDonald’s app will not win the novelty award at all, it will win the most suitable apps’ award for sure. Allowing the users to locate the McDonald’s in a given area or so, is a masterstroke. It gives the menu and allows the users to customise and save their Mc Meals as well. It shows all the options in the menu with the nutrients and calories the food has. Also one can search for the nearest McDonald’s by using categories such as ‘which McD will be open at that time?’ And also available are other such categories to help you choose the right McD and more.

Using the Nando’s app, you can order food for takeaways and pay using the app itself.

You can also view menu and decide for the order.

Also, it allows you to collect chillies in the app, the more the chillies the more the offer you get on next food ordering using the app.

Like McDonald’s, Pret allows you to search for the Pret restaurants near by and show you the directions to the one wherein you may want to go after all. It also shows the timings, menu, nutritions of the food concerned and more. But the feature that makes it different from the other is wherein it suggests food after excluding an ingredient, the one you want to avoid eating.

Costa Coffee Club:Costa Coffee Club

The Costa Coffee club is actually a great coffee bar with a pathetic app. Agreed it allows you to find the Costa Coffee clubs.

But when it comes to loyalty, this coffee club falls behind the fellow mates as it asks for physical vouchers, when users want to redeem it.

A decent app, that lacks the basic feature of paying through the app, it is still well-rated by most of the sub lovers. The main task it performs is to try and keep a track of vouchers and coupons it provides, in an easy to the eyes UI.

So what’s your business? A restaurant or a cafe? Customer engagement is the key to any business so as the mobile apps with the ongoing trend. Get Started Now!


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