12 Most Useful Enterprise Mobile Apps for Business

Business Apps

Apps have been the source of change and will remain so for a long time to come. Even as it may have been, the apps that provide entertainment and services personally, the same apps work wonders when they are created to help in the process of making businesses work.

These may also be called third party enterprise mobile apps for your business. What this means is that certain apps, not made by you, for your company, can help your business run smoothly. For example; if you allow your employees to use chatting apps like whatsapp, using which they can communicate without barriers in the office with their colleagues, then for that matter, Whatsapp will become an enterprise app as well.

While it is definitely preferable to create your own app to make sure all the employees’ needs are sated, as there are risks involved with trusting the third party apps too much, however, these apps do help your employees. From allowing them to make excel sheets and sales sheets in the apps, communicate, make project checklists and complete the whole work using an app and more.

Most Useful Mobile Apps for Business

Google Translate:Google Translater
Now you might be wondering how Google Translate’s app can help anyone in doing anything. There is the simplicity to it. Many businesses go global due to their work and end up facing language barriers and thereby failures. Using apps like Google translate, many such formal communications can take place in the foreign tongue.

HootsuiteMany businesses that take the support of online means to make their business work, may also need to handle many social media accounts. This becomes a menace if a lot of people comment, like, share on different mediums.

However, with technology like Hootsuite’s one can manage all their social media accounts easily and with little efforts.

As an entrepreneur you may need to meet people and grow your PR system to make sure it helps you. However, it is not necessary to remember everyone and anyone you might have met over the course of time. It helps you in keeping the contacts organized, and maintaining your PR, without having to remember everyone’s names and details.

As a businessman/businesswoman you may want to keep using documents and other information, even when you are not using your PC. As a Microsoft user you might as well use OneDrive to work on the same data and documents while on the move or while using the smartphone. This is a bliss for people who have a travelling job and who don’t want to stop working as their PC isn’t there.

This app is catching fire in terms of an enterprise app that is very widely used.

Evernote allows you to store any information in any form; audio, video, image, text and more.

It also allows you to use these data stored and even make changes in them.

Using Paypal, all the monetary businesses can be taken care of without actually carrying cash.

Wherever Paypal is accepted, you can spend money and buy goods without hard cash. You may also be able to make monetary transaction from your account to the others’.


KeepA mobile organizer, Keep allows you to not just make a checklist but also make a note of anything and everything you need to remember.

From phone numbers to to-do lists to remembering passwords and anything else your job may require you to do, this app can help you out.

Profit Story:

Profit StoryProfit Story has a horde of useful features that aims at replacing the functionality of the spreadsheet. It gives all sorts of data from cost analysis, markup and break-even analysis and gross profit margin.

If you change any figure in the app, then the whole analysis changes and the changed details are given out to you. This app is handy and mobile, in comparison to the excel sheet, itself.

AbukaiAbukai is an expense tracking app, to make sure you are always in touch with your sales side.

This app allows you to click pictures and make sure that all your receipts are in place before the month/ year end. It also has the feature of automatic bifurcation of the data collected while clicking the picture of the receipt.


BasecampBasecamp is a professional tool that brings together every person involved in a project or a task; wherever & whenever. All anyone needs is an iPhone and then the job is done.

One can always stay in touch and make sure the work is going in the right direction. It allows you to make checklists, share data, analyse data and make easy decisions.

Any.do is an app that helps you in managing your tasks, on a day to day basis. It allows you to make a to-do list and a checklist to make sure the work you intend to do, does get done. At the starting of each day, it almost forces you to view the list and make sure you plan the day accordingly.


DocuSignThis app makes the process of getting approvals and documents signed easy.

As an app it allows you to scan the documents and send it over to the authority who can as easily as that sign it digitally.

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Businesses surely need apps like the ones mentioned above to grow and make their employees’ life simple. And if the apps have a promised future, then there could be nothing better than that.

Yet again, when a third party app is used, you may need a different app for every different task you may want to perform. But, if a customized app is created then all the important features can be collaborated into one app and all the mess that using different apps create, can be cleared.

For if you need a customized mobile app for your business, feel free to reach us. Space-O will be more than happy to help you.

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