How Automation Application Can Secure Your Home?


About 17.23 million wireless embedded smart home monitoring devices, ranging from contact and motion sensors to smart thermostats and smart plugs, sold in 2013, nearly twice as many as the previous year.

Home automation basically means the automatic electrical control of the household appliances. Here we’re going to discuss monitoring and controlling the appliances of our homes or offices using a GSM module via mobile phone set.

The basic functionality is controlling the appliances by sending commands in the form of SMS messages and receiving the appliances’ status as an acknowledgement.

What Are The Features Home Automation Application Can Deliver?

The main features of the home automation system using android are:

  • Home automation brings a new revolution in the monitoring of the household appliances remotely.
  • One can easily control the switching of the electronic gadgets through their smartphones.
  • The basic functioning of the system is based on the GSM module by which we control the functioning of the appliances.
  • The efficiency can be controlled by the applications of this system.
  • Electricity can be saved.

Let’s discuss the problems we face in our daily lives

In our day-to-day lives, we encounter many problems. There are times when we are late for work and we forget to switch off the electrical appliances of our homes in a hurry. Because of which the consumption of electricity increases and the resources are wasted.

In such scenarios, the first thought that comes to our mind is that there should be a system by which we could control the working of our appliances from any remote area. The home automation system which uses the GSM module is based on this particular feature.

Consider a case in which we have left our homes for work in the morning and on our way we strike a thought, “Oh! I just forgot to switch off the light of the kitchen.”

Now in this scenario, we will think twice before taking a U-turn and going back home just to switch off the light in the kitchen because that would just waste more of our time.

On the other hand, if there would have been a system by which we could have switched off the light of the kitchen even from our work place then that would have been great.

How can we resolve this type of situation to make our lives easier?

This is where home automation systems play an important role in our lives. If we have an application installed in our smartphones then we can easily login into our respective home accounts and navigate through the particular rooms whose appliance we desire to control.

If we want to switch off the light of the kitchen then we can navigate through that room and select the light that we want to switch off and the smartphone would send an encoded message using the GSM module to the circuit that is attached in the appliance.

The circuit on receiving the message would decode it using a decoder and then switch off the light. In this way we could easily turn off or turn on any particular electronic appliance as and when we desire from any remote location.

Let us know in brief the process by which the application works

First, the user sends the signal from the mobile application in the form of an SMS and then the SMS is stored and polled from the receiver mobile station.

The signal which is sent by the user’s mobile application is received by the micro-controller and then the required control signal is generated and sent to the intermediate hardware that we have designed according to the command received in form of the sent message.

The messages are sent from the mobile set that contain commands in written form which are then processed by the decoder which will decode the message accordingly to perform the required task.

In this way on receipt of the message the task will be performed and the appliance status will be sent back to the user as an acknowledgement. And for this process a microcontroller based system has been proposed for the working of the application.

How can we make our lives better through the use of these systems?

When we use such automation systems to control the electrical appliances of our homes then it efficiently reduces our effort and saves electricity on the other hand.

Nowadays, no one has enough time to spare over these small issues and as a result we end up wasting our resources, which are very valuable and need to be conserved.

By using these systems, we could even ensure the security of our appliances and protect our beloved ones in case of emergencies.

Basically, the home automation system applications were developed for the betterment of the aged people and the handicapped people but when we look around in the real world scenarios each and every individual can now benefit from these systems.

Applications That Have Been On The Rising Trends:

Rachio Gen 2 Controller – Rachio is a sprinkler controller which automates the sprinklers intelligently and waters the lawn in a manner that is pretty much mindful in terms of the total outdoor water usage.

Rachio has given reviews that the users of its previous generation models had saved up to 50% of their outdoor watering bills. The main advantage about this app is that it not only adds up to some extra saved cash but also amounts to more sustainable water usage.

SmartThings – SmartThings is a sensor system hooked into a main hub which is designed to tell us everything about our home from detecting intruders or sensing if any of the window has been left open in the house and also tell if the temperature outside is cooler than it is inside.

The hub is the brain of all the smart home devices which is hooked into the Internet router. It connects over the ether and sends notifications about activities taking place in your home.

Smarten Your Home

We believe that home automation should be simple and affordable and thereby, we offer a smart home solution by which you can easily control your home and automate it efficiently and intelligently.

So, if you’ve any idea, we can make it reality. Contact us here.


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