The Hidden Strategy Behind Why Tinder Acquihires Humin, A Contact Management App


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Don’t you think that Tinder is thinking to move beyond an easy swipe?

There are 50 million active users using Tinder application and it is said that the app matched 12 million since its release and managed over a billion swipes daily.

Tinder, one of the Match Group’s hot dating apps, has acquihired Humin, a San Francisco based app company, who has developed a smart contact list, Humin, and location-based networking application, Knock Knock.

Humin, a startup of San Francisco, seized a significant-wire strategy to call management by trying to merge lots of unlike information and facts into a person call application. In this deal terms, the Humin team will work along with Tinder team in its San Francisco headquarters.

Ankur Jain and David Wyler, the founder of Humin, will join the Tinder leadership team with Wyler VP of Partnerships and Jain acting as VP of Product. Both Tinder and Humin don’t share the financial terms of the deal.

What’s the Plan After this Deal?

It is assumed that Humin’s experience of contact management will be enthralled to become a broader “meeting new people in real life” application, instead of being a simple pure dating application like Tinder.

Humin product stored contacts on the basis of when, where or how user met someone with extra search functionality. Such kind of thinking could be useful for Tinder to increase app features.

Sean Rad, co-founder and CEO of Tinder, said in a statement that the company would be leveraging Humin’s “experience and IP to accelerate our product roadmap.” Jain also has met Rad at Founders in Dublin and he said, “it became abundantly clear that we were both fighting for the same thing.”

Some sources also confirmed that Humin has limited traction in the crowded contact management world and was struggling to raise capital for further growth. All the team members are not shifted to a Tinder desk.   

What did it lose?

The company was down as the shopping for an acquisition in December in 2015 and in such process, it has lost some of its highly-experienced staff like Arielle Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s youngest Sister, who has joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to inject youth and diversity into its line-up of partners.

According to the report of ReCode, Tinder was looking for some experienced staff-members and clearly required a footprint in San Francisco. It’s true that Tinder is looking for IP/engineering experience staff for a new SF office and Humin is seeking for some traction and struggling with capital to grow more.

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