Zero Click Domino’s: How to Boost Your Conversion Rate by Reducing Frictions?

About a week ago, I was working on a Friday night and found out myself hungry. I thought to order pizza, however, the bit lengthy ordering process made me lazy to fill my tummy with it. So, I thought for some alternative options.

Now, no more worries. Domino’s comes with Zero Click option. Users just have to download an application and link it to a Domino’s pizza profile, where you have a standard “Easy Order” saved. When you open an application, you will have 10 seconds before your Easy Order is placed.

If you want, you can pause the timer and review your Easy Order details. When you are ready, you can resume the timer and let it reach zero to place your Easy Order.

It’s a Domino’s strategy to reduce unnecessary friction to increase revenues and conversions.

What Exactly Friction Is? Types and Example

Friction is whatever that comes in the way of conversions. Say for example – if your landing page is simply awesome to complete, make yourself sure that there is too much friction on that page.

Ensure to create landing page with the sole objective to get someone to read information, make purchase or to get out of that. Minimizing friction means you are making it easier for visitors to take action. There are mainly 4 types of friction –

Complexity Friction makes things more difficult. Having the more complexity means the higher risk of friction.

  •         For Example – Remove navigation and extra elements

Having less important navigation or any extra elements on the website can cause friction for the users and thus, they distract them from their prime goal, i.e. making purchase, subscribing and so on. Moreover, removing the navigation bar simplifies the website’s purpose and makes it easier for users to concentrate on the task only.

Information Friction that can be omitted, if it is of No use.

  •         Example –  Enhance pricing page for multiple packages.

Having a poor set of the pricing page can dramatically decrease in sales. You can use different ways to improve the layout of different price points and features to minimum friction.

Time Friction deals with the things like load time and speed.

  •         Example –  Website Loading Speed & Conversions

One of the most important parts of the conversion rate optimizations is Page Load Speed. According to study at Amazon, 1% decrease in sales for every 0.1-second decrease in response times. less credible and quality observe Slow web pages. Your web page should take less than 3 seconds of loading time to reduce friction and increase higher conversion rates.

Visual Friction having different types of visual elements that reduce friction like background patterns, button color, font kerning, video placement, etc.

  •         Example – Must Have Bigger “add to cart” button

An “add to cart” button should be the leading button on the product page. It should fluidly guide the user toward to the upcoming phase — clicking the ‘add to cart’ button.

Removing All Types of Frictions, Domino’s Debuts Zero-Click Pizza Ordering App  

Domino’s Zero-Click

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Similar to the other Domino’s initiatives, Zero Click app requires to create an account on and then make what the company calls a “Pizza Profile.” In this profile, you have to include favorite pizza order along with information like contact number, delivery address and credit card details.

This given information is also known as your “Easy Order”, which is then given to whichever digital ordering system you decide to use. Apart from the desktop web and mobile, Domino’s supports ordering through SMS, Ford Sync, Twitter, Samsung Smart TVs, smartwatches like Pebble and Android Wear, and its own native app where you can chat with its virtual assistant Dom by voice.

Being the best on-demand food delivery app, Domino’s “Anywhere” platform brings pizza ordering to the consumers, no matter if they are watching TV, talking on their phones, in a car or anywhere.  

Tweeting A Pizza Emoji?

What happens when you tweet a pizza emoji? It’s an indication that Domino’s embrace of technology is working to influence its bottom line.

With this technology, the company generates more than 50% of U.S. sales from digital channels at the end of 2015 and it also helps to reach the sales around $4.7 billion annually in global digital sales.

Moreover, its half of national television campaigns were directly related to the digital initiatives. Apart from easy ordering, they are targeting their audience through digital initiatives.

Recently, a crazy pizza delivery vehicle named as the Domino’s DXP is also revealed by the company that built-in with a tricked-out Chevy Spark with a warming oven. More than 100 of such type of vehicles are in production and also, delivering orders to the customers in Houston, New Orleans, Boston, Detroit, San Diego and Seattle.

“Piece of the Pie Rewards” – Domino’s also working on its first digital customer loyalty program. Meanwhile, users can use the new Zero Click pizza ordering mobile application that is available on both iOS and Android. Ordering and tracking Domino’s Easy Order is also available on Apple Watch, Pebble Smart-watch and Android Wear.
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